Fantastic Foods For Athletes

It goes without saying that athletes have to be in tip-top physical condition if they are to excel at their chosen sport. As well as exercising regularly to stay fit, it is also essential that athletes eat a healthy diet to fuel their body with the necessary goodness. This is both true of their general day to day food choices and also the foods they eat before and after a workout. Although there are several supplement products on the market that can be of great use to athletes, consuming a wide range of wholesome, healthy foods can be the best weapon there is!

Certain foods have the ability to provide plentiful energy, fight inflammation, aid muscle recovery and to improve stamina and blood flow. All of these things are important to competitive athletes who are constantly striving to have an edge over those they are competing with.

Flaxseeds are arguably one of the best foods for fighting inflammation in the body. Reducing inflammation will help to prevent disease and aid cell recovery. This is useful for athletes as they need their bodies to recover from intense exertion as quickly as possible. Additionally flaxseeds are high in dietary fibre which is great for digestive health.

Research has shown that drinking beet juice can help to increase endurance. This is thought to be because beets are high in carbohydrates which are necessary for sustaining energy in the body. Furthermore, certain nutrients found within beets aid the improvement of strength. These nutrients also help the body to use oxygen more efficiently.

When it comes to tackling fatigue, pumpkin seeds are the perfect choice. They are high in iron which is essential for the production of red blood cells. Having an adequate amount of healthy red blood cells is important because they are responsible for delivering oxygen around the body. When a person is experiencing an iron deficiency, they will quickly become fatigued and their immune system can also become compromised. When we consider that pumpkin seeds are also full of healthy fats and protein then it is evident that there is even more reason to include them in the diet regularly.

Finally, Brazil nuts are known to be full of vitamins and minerals that will help to keep bones healthy as well as repairing damage to connective tissue in the body. Even including just a few Brazil nuts in the diet each day can help to improve the natural recovery process of the body.