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Get Fit Quick with Interval Training

Interval training has exploded in popularity over the last few years with people using it for weight loss and for improving general fitness. It is heralded as one of the best ways for runners to increase their performance, both in terms of speed and stamina. Interval training is defined as a workout that alternates between periods of low intensity and high intensity exercise. When this is applied to running for example, a person would run at a high speed for a certain amount of time, followed by a recovery period of slower running. The recovery aspect of interval training is essential because it enables your body to better handle the periods of high intensity. This means that as you continue to train you will be able to run faster for longer periods of time.

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World Osteoporosis Day

Tomorrow people around the globe will observe World Osteoporosis Day. This is a day to recognise those who are afflicted with this condition and to raise awareness of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of it. The day is put together by the International Osteoporosis Foundation with various activities taking place in over 90 different countries. The day itself has been happening since 1996, first started by the National Osteoporosis Society in the UK with the International Osteoporosis Foundation taking over the following year. 

Each year the day takes on a special theme and this years theme is ‘Serve Up Bone Strength’. Themes in past years have included awareness, early detection, bone health, risk factors, quality of life, nutrition and more! 

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Junk Food and Bone Health

The connection between junk food and poor bone development has been researched extensively with reports being presented in the popular journal, Osteoporosis International. The research has suggested that those who grow up within close proximity to several fast food establishments are more likely to consume junk food, and they have discovered a link between the presence of these food choices and poor bone development.

It is believed that the first six years of life are the most important when it comes to bone growth. The journal goes on to suggest that living in an environment that promotes healthy food choices is the best way to encourage optimum bone health. The foods that children consume are obviously dependent on the choices of their parents or guardians. Therefore it is essential that these adults understand the best ways to provide a balanced and nutritious diet to their children. This behaviour is then much more likely to be adopted by the children as they grow into adults themselves. 

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Whole Grains and Heart Health

Cardiovascular diseases are a leading killer all around the globe, claiming the lives of over 17 million people worldwide each year. That equates to three in every ten deaths. In the United States alone over 800,000 people die each year of this cause.

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