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How to Care For Your Joints

As we advise frequently on the blog section of Onto Orthopedics, taking care of your body in order to prevent injury is always going to be preferable to seeking treatment for an issue or ailment! When it comes to your joints, this statement is especially true.

When we talk about joints in relation to the body, we are referring to the connective area between two bones. It is your joints that enable you to bend, turn and move your body. If you want to maintain optimum function in your joints as you age, then it is essential to take care of yourself and your joints! Working against us is the fact that as we age, the fluid and cartilage which lubricates the joints becomes worn and therefore less effective. As this happens, damage is more likely to occur.

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Yoga and Back Pain

In a previous blog post I discussed how yoga can be an effective tool for protecting your health. I specifically discussed this issue in relation to pain and injury of the shoulders and neck. Today I would like to revisit this topic but pay more attention to how yoga can truly help to prevent back injuries and reduce existing pain in this area. Many orthopedic problems relate to the back and it can be a complicated area to treat if the problem has become serious. Therefore, working to prevent injuries before they occur is a great idea for everyone!

As many people know, yoga is an ancient practice that was born in India. Having been practised in this part of the world for many thousands of years, it has also become incredibly popular in the last few decades in the west. In the United States alone, close to 20 million people are benefiting from regular yoga practice and you can too! When in a class you will experience the combination of breathing, meditation and also the physical stretches which are where the pain reducing and injury preventing benefits are to be gained.

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Understanding Orthopedic Care

There are many reasons why you might require the services of an orthopedic doctor or orthopedic surgeon. The practice itself is predominantly associated with the treatment and care of the musculoskeletal system. This system is made up the muscles, tendons, bones and joints within your body.

Problems with the muscles can occur for many number of reasons, not least injury and over-use. The function of your muscles is imperative for optimum mobility and even slight damage can cause severely problematic restrictions in your movement. The tendons are similar to the muscles in that they are also an essential component for motion. The tendons usually work well with the muscles to do this job but a tear or inflammation to a tendon can have far-reaching problems. When it comes to the bones, the most common problems concern infections of the bones, bone tumours, bone deformities, spinal deformities, fractures and even the need for amputation. Common joint complaints include tears to the ligaments, arthritis and dislocation as well as swelling and pain in the joints.

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How Yoga Can Protect Your Health

It is often said that prevention is better than cure and when it comes to the health of your body this is of course applicable! When it comes to the health of your bones, there is increasing amounts of evidence to suggest that yoga can be a great tool for keeping them in tip-top condition. As well as helping to prevent injury in the first place, yoga is an amazing activity to turn to when you are trying to heal from an injury. This is because not only does it work to increase flexibility and strength, but it can also help to ease pain in the bones and joints. If yoga is a foreign concept to you and you just do not know where to start then don’t worry! In this post, I am going to discuss a selection of poses that can bring particular relief to your neck, shoulders and upper back.

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