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Running May Not Cause Arthritis

pedestrian crossingResearchers have extensively studied the relation between running and arthritis of knees to conclude that running regularly may not increase the risk of osteoarthritis. In fact, running can prevent arthritis of the knee in runners.

This study contained data from 2600 people who used to perform some form of physical activity in their life. The age groups were divided into 12-18, 19-34, 35-49 and 50 or older. 29 % of the people were runners at some point of time in their lives.

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Rockbot Service at Onto Orthopedics

Onto Orthopedics is now working with Rockbot to bring you high quality music during your visit. Before seeing us, please install the Rockbot app on your phone. Then, simply log in during your appointment, navigate to "Onto Orthopedics", and begin picking the music we play!

Click here to download the Rockbot app.

Onto Orthopedics Now Offers Rockbot!

Discounts for Uninsured!

No health insurance? Don't worry. During the past year, Onto Orthopedics has given a greater focus towards providing for uninsured patients. Whether you have lost your employer insurance or simply could never afford your own, Onto Orthopedics is here to help...

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AAOS Review Course

Recently, Dr. Hayden attended the AAOS Board Maintenance of Certification Preparation and Review course to ensure that he is familiar with some of the latest surgical techniques. Dr. Hayden works hard to provide great quality, high tech health care. Thanks for visiting!