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Why You Should Be Eating Your Oats!

As a young child you were probably often told by your parents to eat your porridge - and with good reason! Although this is certainly not the favourite breakfast choice of most children, it is a great way to promote optimum health and future-proof your body!

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Smoking and Bone Health

The damaging health effects of smoking are widely known and accepted as fact. However, there are massive numbers of people who still smoke despite this information! Smoking will be detrimental to your health regardless of your age, gender or ethnicity. And, in order to preserve optimum health, it is essential that you do not engage in this habit. Your bones are one particular part of your body that can be quite severely negatively affected by your choice to smoke.

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Running or Cycling for Bone Health?

Researchers have recently been exploring the impact of both running and cycling on long-term bone health in order to determine which is more effective. The results seem to suggest that exercise that puts a greater strain on the bones, such as running, is more likely to be effective in preserving the long-term health of the bones. Cycling, on the other hand, is a non-weight bearing exercise and therefore does not have the same benefits to the bones as running.

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