Top Orthopedic Practice in Plano, TX

Over the past decade, more and more patients have received orthopedic care. Orthopedics is one of the more common specialties for which patients visit a doctor. In order to understand, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate a patient, it is important to choose a good orthopedic center that can treat most orthopedic conditions under one roof. Our center, apart from being one of the top orthopedic practices in Plano (Texas), aims at giving an individualistic approach to all patients. Dr. Shawn Hayden with his experience in orthopedics uses modern medical innovations to help improve the overall outcome of the orthopedic injuries he encounters while helping patients feel at ease.

World Class Facilities

Our orthopedic center, Onto Orthopedics, combines world class medical technology with an excellent team of experienced medical professionals to deliver quality medical care under the guidance of Dr. Hayden. Dr. Hayden runs the center with a commitment to the highest level of expertise. The practice is well equipped with advanced ultrasound, X-ray and C-arm machines which aid in the complete evaluation, testing and rapid diagnosis for early interventions for patients, all under the same roof. This saves patients vital time, energy and money as they no longer need to run to diagnostic centers. Dr. Hayden personally examines each patient and takes a complete case history of the patient, thus enabling him to pick a thoughtful and conservative approach towards the case. He uses the most appropriate methods for treatment in every case.

Some of the services offered at Onto Orthopedics include high tech spine care along with endoscopic spinal decompression. Others include joint and sports injury care. Highly specialized and advanced methods are used for knee and shoulder surgeries. Robotic surgical procedures are some of our advanced surgical methods for partial knee or hip arthroplasty. Arthroscopic surgeries are performed where possible to help reduce recovery times and improve outcomes. All replacement surgeries use top-of-the-line prosthetic implants. Comprehensive care is provided here for many sports related injuries which help one remain fit and continue enjoying the sport with fewer limitations.

Another breakthrough at Onto Orthopedics is our usage of fully electronic medical records. Since the center’s operation, we have been one of the first fully electronic practices in the DFW area.

Our medical staff is polite and understanding with an excellent academic foundation of knowledge. Dr. Hayden’s expertise and the team’s hard work and commitment to patient care have earned us the precious trust of numerous patients. To schedule an appointment, please call us today at 214-731-3008!