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Hand and Wrist Specialist

wrist range of motionOur hands are designed to perform many different activities on a routine basis, letting us conduct many complex actions without even realizing. Hands with their ability of touch sensation and free movement by joints, tendons and muscles help us get through each day effortlessly. It’s only when there is a sudden pain or swelling in the hand that we take notice. Any sudden or unusual pain in your hands and wrists should never be taken lightly or ignored. Certain medical conditions related to the hands and wrist if left untreated over a period of time can get worse and lead to loss of functionality of hands or fingers. Such acute conditions can also become more stubborn and rather difficult to treat or cure if left unattended in the long run. Thus, to avert such a complicated situation it is best to visit well-trained and experienced hand and wrist specialists who have top notch expertise in such cases.

Hand and wrist specialists are orthopedic surgeons who have additional training in hand and wrist surgery. They treat people from all walks of life and conditions related to hand, wrists and forearm either with or without surgery.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Shawn Hayden is Harvard trained and has much experience in hand and wrist conditions. He is the right person to diagnose and provide a complete and comprehensive clinical care for patients. Since no two individuals are same, we at Onto Orthopedics understand that no two patients with simple complaints need the same care. We understand the individual needs of our patients and with our state-of-the-art technology strive to provide the accurate diagnosis and best treatments for all your hand and wrist complaints.

 Our hand and wrist specialist provides a customized plan of treatment for your conditions in accordance to your needs and comfort. The aim of our care is to alleviate pain and bring about recovery as soon as possible.

Our hand and wrist specialist Dr. Shawn Hayden treats conditions such as cuts on hands and fingers, fractures, wrist pain, carpal tunnel syndrome , animal bites, sports injuries, ganglion cyst, trigger finger, Dupytrene contracture, any kind of arthritis and any other condition related to hands and wrists. He can also perform some cosmetic reconstruction of fingers in cases of severe deformities due to accidents or birth deformities.

Our dedicated team consists of Dr. Hayden as well as dedicated medical staff who guide and help in hand and wrist rehabilitation. Our team helps ensure an optimal recovery of function and independence in your life. Whatever the condition of your hand and wrist, it is important that you visit a hand and wrist specialist for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Schedule an appointment with our hand and wrist specialist today for any such issue. Our expert team addresses all your problems related to hands and wrists and also educates you on how to care for your hands and wrists in order to prevent a similar problem in the future.



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