auto accidentAutomobile accidents often leave a trail of irreparable injuries to the back and spine in addition to reparable dents on the car. Back injuries can be divided into 3 parts for easier understanding, those affecting the- cervical (neck), thoracic (upper back) and lumbar (lower back) regions.

The back may be hit very hard depending on the velocity of the car in an accident. The back is composed of multiple vertebrae stacked up one above the other interspersed by firm jelly-like ‘intervertebral discs’. In case of a sudden, severe injury there may be ‘popping out’ or herniation of the intervertebral disc as well as a fracture of the vertebrae. This can result in very tremendous pain in the back, producing immense difficulty in back movements. These usually occur in upper and lower back regions.

Discs are cushion like structures located in between the vertebrae. Herniation of a disc will result in a condition called ‘prolapsed intervertebral disc’. This can cause injury to the spinal nerves that emerge from that region. Spinal nerve injury leads to tingling and numbness sensations in the regions that are supplied by the nerve.

A whiplash injury is the term given to an injury to the spinal cord at the neck region. It occurs due to sudden braking, causing trauma to the neck muscles and bones.  

Spinal column injuries can result in loss of the normal curvatures of the spine and might result in long term injury to the back. There could be difficulty maintaining routine postures like sitting and might lead to a waddling, wobbly gait. Commonly, these injuries can lead to paralysis of the part of the body supplied by the nerve that is injured from the herniated disc, depending on the severity and extent of the injury. These injuries often take time to heal completely and tend to have residual damage.

Back injuries can limit range of movements, thus hampering your daily routine. Blood clot formation is a secondary complication which an automobile victim might have to face post accident.

Thus, a visit to the orthopedic surgeon is important if you have been involved in a severe automobile accident. At Onto Orthopedics, our medical team will do our best to diagnose any auto-accident related injuries and get you back on the road! Please visit our "Contact Us" page to speak with our orthopedic team.

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