roboticarmsmallOnto Orthopedics continually innovates by utilizing some of the latest technologies in the industry. Whether it involves increasing accuracy in surgery or providing a better in-office experience, we work hard to make sure that you receive some of the best care in Texas. Learn more about some of our latest orthopedic technologies.

  • SpineViewTM- The SpineView system helps Dr. Hayden remove bulging discs and bone spurs precisely with minimally disruption of surrounding tissue.
  • MakoplastyTM- Robotic Knee Replacement- The Makoplasty robotic system can help improve the partial knee replacement process.
  • Digital Pain Management- Dr. Hayden can insert dorsal column stimulators to help reduce the severity of chronic back pain.
  • Minimally Invasive Pain Management- Onto Orthopedics specializes in on-site pain reduction procedures that might reduce pain brought on by sports or trauma injuries.