Autumn, 2020:  COVID 19 continues to impact our state.  Governor Abbott has just issued new executive orders to help Texas navigate re-opening.  Trend lines in new infections, hospitalizations, and mortality figures continue there downward trend with some exceptions.  Additional positive news comes from the results of late stage vaccine tests run on three vaccine candidates through Operation Warp Speed and strong presidential/executive branch leadership.  Information on this process can be viewed here: .  There is a much better than 50/50 chance that a vaccine will be available to the public by the end of 2020 -- the fastest in history. .  All of these factors will impact the speed at which the state and the US economy will recover. 

As stated previously, and given the highly infectious nature of COVID 19, the goal to open the economy will always have an inherent risk of exposure.  Our clinic will continue with its goal of attaining  best practices regarding cleaning and social distancing. ( Details of Governor Abbott's latest recommendations for Texas citizens and businesses can be viewed here: )

The New Normal: ONTO Orthopedics and ONTO Motion/Orthopaedic Therapy are providing in person and telemedicine visits. Your safety is a top priority for us.  In person visits will continue to be scheduled to minimize time in the waiting room and person to person contact.  When you arrive at the clinic please call to notify our staff so that we can process your visit as quickly as possible while you wait in you your car. 


Masks are Back in Style! Do to the uptick in corona infection counts in our community,  we are now requiring that patients visiting the clinic in person wear masks:  Various government and international health agencies have issued varying recommendations regarding the use of masks while in public and while in closed spaces.  On the margin it is our view that mask use may decrease the risk of transmission of the COVID virus. While there is little evidence that the virus is readily transmissible outdoors, we are updating our policy to require wearing masks in our clinic.  If you cannot obtain a mask and need one,  we will attempt to provide you one when you arrive for your appointment. 

Please note that we welcome family members and friends travelling with patients for language translation and support, but we do request that these additional persons be kept to a bare minimum. The best scenario is that patients come to the clinic solo.  This will help decrease the risk of transmission.  If you have questions, please speak to our staff prior to arrival.  They will help make your experience here a positive one.


What Will Happen Upon Arrival to Our Clinic: 


You must wear a mask.

Your temperature will be checked.

You will be given hand sanitizer




As always, we do appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this process together.


Shawn A. Hayden MD and the Clinic Staff