The Covid-19 crisis is fundamentally changing the way medical professionals provide care in the US. Numerous factors including regulatory changes, technological improvements, and more make it easier than ever to visit with and receive advice from physicians remotely. Onto Orthopedics is working diligently to get ahead of the curve and offer as many leading-edge services as possible. These improvements apply to our automobile injury treatment services as well. 


  • Telemedicine: Onto Orthopedics now offers telemedicine services through a leading medical communications provider. Contact us now to see if you qualify for a telemedicine appointment! 
  • Increased operational hours: We know that auto accidents can happen at any time of day. We're expanding our hours of operation to help serve you better. Call or text our office at 214-731-3008 to learn more. 
  • Improved Practice Technology: We're upgrading our electronic health record (EHR) system to streamline patient communications and treatments. 
  • New In-Office Offerings: Onto Orthopedics is rolling out a new generation of in-office tech to improve your experience. 
  • Speedy appointments: Our new telehealth services enable us to quickly see you from the comfort of your home, sometimes same day!