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Exercise Might Reduce Muscle Loss

eddie wu exerciseWhile exercise has always been considered important for proper health, a new study from the University of Tokyo indicates it can be even more important as we age. This cross-sectional study analyzed the effects of exercise on sarcopenia (muscle loss associated with aging) in older Japanese people. There was a significant association between exercise in middle-age and a low occurrence of sarcopenia late in life. Furthermore, exercise earlier in life was associated with greater grip strength, greater time standing on one leg, and greater gait speed.[1]

The Importance of Lean Protein


At a time of fad diets and health crazes, the importance of protein in a diet is often ignored.  According to a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, low-protein diets often result in a loss of lean body mass.1


Exercise- The Wonder Drug

Importance of Exercise


Today, people world-wide are becoming less physically active. As technology becomes more commonplace and mechanized modes of transportation more popular, physical exercise rates continue to drop. Combat these statistics by adding exercise to your daily routine.


Sports Drinks Might Not Cut It

Medical Hydration


As summer continues to heat up, the perennial sports drink debate is as well. Today, an ever-enlarging market for sports drinks is developing, however many people have gotten lost in the debate.


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