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Put The Health Of Your Bones First This Winter

winter exercise healthy bones


When the colder seasons start to come around, it can be easy to let go of your healthy living aspirations. It may become harder to motivate yourself to get outdoors to exercise, and it can certainly be more tempting to choose comfort foods over nutritious dishes. 

Pineapple Health Benefits

pineapple health benefits nutrition

Pineapples originate in South America but are widely available all over the world. This sweet fruit packs some serious health benefits when it is included in the diet regularly. 

Vitamin K: Benefits & Sources

vitamin k healthy eating

It is a good idea to include ample amounts of vitamin K in your diet for a number of reasons. Today we are going to take a close look at this vitamin and explain why it’s so important!

Statins and Bone Health

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Statin drugs are of great benefit to those who need to lower their cholesterol levels. However, new research has shown that this type of medication could have a detrimental impact on the health of the bones.

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