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Surgery and the Spine

Spine Surgery X Ray Onto Orthopedics

Having surgery that involves the spine is not something that the majority of people will experience in their lifetime. However, it may present as a necessary procedure for certain health conditions, as well as due to accidents and unexpected injury. The spine is an incredibly complex structure. It serves many important purposes in regards to the function of the body on the whole. 

Healthy Treats for a Sweet Tooth

Sugar Free Healthy Living


Over the last decade or so there has been a lot of discussion and debate over the dangers of too much sugar. Much compelling evidence has shown how eating too much of the sweet stuff can be bad for our health, and this research is hard to ignore. For people who want to live healthy lives but can't deny their sweet tooth, this can be a tricky problem to manage! 

Staying Healthy at Home

Staying Healthy Home Workout

One of the biggest barriers to exercise for many people can be finding the time to get active regularly. Sedantary jobs and busy schedules often mean that we simply can't make the time to hit the gym as often as we would like! That is why better understanding how to get a great workout in at home can go a long way to boosting your health and fitness efforts!

Diet Tips for a Healthy 2019

Diet Tips for a Healthy 2019 Orthopedic

2019 is already flying by and you might be asking yourself if this year is going to be the year that you conquer your unhealthy habits! If you are ready to drop a few pounds, enhance your energy levels, and live a healthier and fitter life in 2019, then the following diet tips can help you to get started!

New Year, New Ambitions

New Year New You Onto Orthopedics

The New Year is always a fantastic opportunity to take on new goals and realise new ambitions! This is a time when you can evaluate all that has happened in the year that has just gone by, and set fresh challenges for yourself.

What's The Deal With Vitamin D?

winter vitamin d onto orthopedics

During the warmer months it is generally quite easy to get an adequate amount of vitamin D from the sunlight. However, in the colder months this isn't always the case. For those who live in colder climates all year round, or for those who live in places that do not get a lot of sunlight, then it can be difficult to hit the vitamin D quota. It therefore becomes more important that dietary sources are included.

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