high resolution xraysHave you seen "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly", remastered in high definition? The Blu-ray reproduction maintains such excellent quality largely due to the condition of the original film. Ironically, old-fashioned film often provides much greater viewing resolution than fully digital productions. The reality is that a completely digital movie is shot in a fixed resolution (like 1080p or 4k). Such a limitation precludes future remasters from ever surpassing the detail of the original.

Like analog and digital movie film, a parallel exists in radiology. One of the few benefits of X-Rays produced directly on analog film include excellent resolution. These films could theoretically be scanned back into a computer and reproduced in a variety of resolutions (depending on storage limitations and quality goals). With newer digital systems, X-Ray images are produced directly from digital detectors and cassettes in a fixed resolution. Not all of these systems are created equal!

As digital movie productions are limited to their original resolutions, digital x-rays are as well. Typical computed radiography systems produce images at around 127 dots per inch. With a standard 17"x17" image, this would translate to around 4.8 megapixels of image resolution. At Onto Orthopedics, we have moved to one of the latest direct radiography detectors with a resolution of between 15 and 18 megapixels! Our greater resolution may help uncover issues that a standard computed radiography system would miss. Enjoy both high quality imaging and quick turn around with our in-office x-ray system!

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