What is PRP?

PRP treatments have been featured in the news recently as a reparative (also known as regenerative) medicine and a potential solution to help repair many chronic injuries. Some professional atheletes claim that PRP has helped them get back in the game sooner. What is PRP though and how can a PRP treatment help with your orthopedic injury? Platelet Rich Plasma injections are a relatively new solution for many injuries and afflictions. The minimally-invasive process is relatively simple and can typically be performed in-office. Within a few weeks of the procedure, patients often see improvement to their injury.1

The Treatment Process

While blood contains white and red blood cells, a small percentage of your blood is comprised of platelets. Platelets are known for their clotting abilities, however they also appear to assist with the healing process. The exact mechanism of action is unknown however in higher concentrations, platelets appear to "jump start" healing.  First some of the patient's blood is drawn and spun down in a centrifuge to increase the concrentration of platelets. The concrentration of platelets in a PRP solution may become 5-10x greater than in normal blood. The solution is then carefully injected into the injured area. Pain in the area may increase temporarily, however patients often begin to feel a beneficial effect within a few weeks.

Other PRP Treatments

Platelet Rich Plasma solutions show great promise for the treatment of various conditions in the field of aesthetics.

In particular, PRP has been shown to have beneficial impacts on hair regrowth. It may serve as an alternative to hair regrowth drugs like Minoxidil and surgerical options such as hair transplants.2 Contact us to learn more about the many ways you could benefit from PRP treatments. 

The Onto Orthopedics Difference

Onto Orthopedics is an innovative orthopedic practice conveniently located in Plano, TX. As the home of Dr. Shawn Hayden, Harvard trained orthopedic surgeon, we specialize in injuries from trauma (including those sustained in automobile accidents), sports, spine, and joint injuries. We are constantly endeavoring to iincrease diagnostic and treatment options available for our patients. Some of our leading in-office diagnostic technologies include our ultrasound machine, direct radiography (DR) x-ray system, and the Mi Eye 2 video system. Some of our treatments include reparative medicine such as PRP (platelet rich plasma) solutions. With many years of surgical experience, Dr. Hayden also offers an array of surgical solutions for more severe injuries. These include high-tech arthroscopic procedures. 


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