Pattern hair loss affects about 50% of men and 25% of women by the age of 50.1 Pattern hair loss also typically presents as a receding hairline in men and thinning hair in women. Regardless of gender or presentation of the condition, hair loss can affect one’s sense of body image. Two types of treatment have traditionally been known to fight hair loss. These include drugs such as minoxidil and hair transplant surgery. Today, PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments present an exciting alternative option. Onto Orthopedics now offers PRP treatments to help combat hair loss.


During this reparative (also known as regenerative) procedure, a small amount of blood is typically drawn from your arm. Then, the blood is “spun down” with a centrifuge to increase the concentration of plasma in the solution. Once the serum has been prepared, it is then strategically injected into the areas of thinning hair. Within a couple months, patients often experience a regrowth or increase in the thickness of their hair. Only 2-3 quick injection procedures may be necessary.2


Unlike hair transplants, PRP procedures can more often be performed in an out patient setting. Additionally, PRP solutions often take far less time and cost less. Unlike some medications, PRP procedures target the area of hair loss.

Since hair loss procedures are typically not covered by medical insurance plans, our practice offers competitive cash prices. Additionally, we offer several other regenerative solutions for your cosmetic and musculoskeletal health. Dr. Hayden is a Harvard trained, board certified orthopedic surgeon. Our office is conveniently located near the intersection of Custer Rd. and Spring Creek Pwky. in Plano. Contact our practice today at 214-731-3008 today to find out if you are a candidate for this procedure and to schedule an appointment!

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