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Plano Chiropractors or an Orthopedist?

when to visit an orthopedist vs a chiropractorAt some point in our lives, we usually have to deal with back, joint, and sports-related pain. While minor pain is typically associated with aches and sprains and severe pain serious injury, what about moderate pain? Many different options exist today to treat pain and injuries. On the one hand, rest may be all you need to get back on his or her feet. On the other, a visit to the ER may be prudent! If you are somewhere between both extremes, there are a host of treatment options including orthopedic care, primary care, chiropractic care, and therapy. How do you find the right caregiver for your injury? When should you skip the chiropractors?

The first step in any treatment is to receive a qualified diagnosis.

We Stand Apart from the Crowd

orthopedicsWelcome to the online home of Onto Orthopedics, the patient-centered orthopedic clinic in Plano, TX. Unlike many orthopedic practices, we provide all of our patients with the care they deserve. In a world of one size fits all care, you will notice the Onto Orthopedics difference the minute you enter our waiting room. Our medical team believes in several important core values. These include a focus on high-tech orthopedic procedures and patient technology, an old-world approach to patient care, and custom-tailored orthopedic treatment.

  • Did you know that many physicians still rely on outdated orthopedic techniques involving open surgery? Onto Orthopedics was an early adopter of arthroscopic surgical techniques which often involve shorter recovery times and less scarring. Additionally, we now use a latest generation X-Ray detector to help reduce x-ray dosage and improve diagnostic image quality. We are constantly adopting the latest orthopedic technologies to ensure you receive a high quality orthopedic experience.

Top Orthopedic Surgeon- Dr. Hayden

shawn hayden mdEver increasing stress, lengthening work hours, reduced physical activity and related lifestyle changes these days have brought about a number of aches and pains which restrict and interfere with the daily activities of an individual. The answer to these problems lies in consulting an orthopaedic surgeon who is not only skilled in diagnosing the problem but is able to manage the patient with care.

Dr. Hayden is a top orthopaedic surgeon in Plano and now Sherman, TX with precise technical skills and a superb academic foundation. With Harvard and board certification on his resume, his approach is very methodical and systematic. He maintains a well-established practise in a safe high –end part of Plano, Texas with many years of orthopaedic experience.

General FAQs- Onto Orthopedics

  • How long have you been in business?

-We have been proudly serving the DFW metroplex since 2003.

  • Where are you located?

-Our practice is conveniently located just west of the Dallas tollway in Plano, TX. Skip the long drive to a distant orthopedic surgeon and schedule to visit our practice instead. Check out the Contact Us page for a map of our location and more.

  • Why should I visit Dr. Hayden, an orthopedic specialist, directly without a referral?

Region's Oldest EMR-Driven Practice

Did you know that the "Onto" in Onto Orthopedics stands for "Online North Texas Orthopedics"? One of our key technologies has always been our electronic medical record system, one of the first in North Texas. With a mission to help improve patient care and access, we became pioneers in the use of electronic medical records.

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