when to visit an orthopedist vs a chiropractorAt some point in our lives, we usually have to deal with back, joint, and sports-related pain. While minor pain is typically associated with aches and sprains and severe pain serious injury, what about moderate pain? Many different options exist today to treat pain and injuries. On the one hand, rest may be all you need to get back on his or her feet. On the other, a visit to the ER may be prudent! If you are somewhere between both extremes, there are a host of treatment options including orthopedic care, primary care, chiropractic care, and therapy. How do you find the right caregiver for your injury? When should you skip the chiropractors?

The first step in any treatment is to receive a qualified diagnosis.

Our expert Plano orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Hayden, is licensed, board certified, and trained to diagnose orthopedic injuries. Among acute injuries, mild sprains and strains can often be treated by therapists or chiropractors. If you have a more severe injury however, we strongly recommend visiting a qualified orthopedic surgeon for treatment. To help ensure conservative care, Dr. Hayden considers many levels of treatment before recommending surgery.

What are some signs that a back injury may be more severe than a sprain or strain for example? Some indicators of more severe injuries include:

  • Back pain associated with leg pain
  • Pain including chills or sweats
  • Numbness near the genitals
  • Pain that wakes you up at night[1]

In addition to more severe acute injuries, chronic pain that has not resolved in a couple weeks should be reviewed further. If you have been seeing chiropractors since your pain started and it has not disappeared in the intervening weeks, consider changing your care. We recommend visiting a qualified primary care physician or our medical practice for additional care. We're located in Plano, just north of Dallas for your convenience. Our orthopedic team will also use diagnostic and treatment knowledge and technologies often not available to chiropractors.

Please call us at 214-731-3008 or visit our “contact us” page for more information. When you arrive for your first appointment, we will do everything we can to set you on the pathway to healing. Dr. Hayden will first review your symptoms. Our array of leading-edge diagnostic devices can help pin-point your injuries. After necessary diagnostic tests, we will recommend a course of treatment tailored specifically to your injuries.

[1] http://orthopedics.about.com/od/backneck/f/chiropractor.htm