partial knee replacementPARTIAL KNEE REPLACEMENT:

The knee is an important weight bearing joint of the body, constantly undergoing wear and tear. Osteoarthritis of the knee may affect young as well as old people and manifests as pain, swelling and loss of function. Nonsurgical, conservative treatment of these symptoms may or may not give relief and the symptoms are known to worsen over a period of time.

About the surgery:

A partial knee replacement is the replacement of a part of the damaged knee. It is also called ‘unicompartmental surgery’ as it involves replacement of a single compartment of the knee. Patients with osteoarthritis often opt for this surgery due to wear and tear of the knee joint. Patients typically complain of pain in either side, either the inner (medial) or outer (lateral) side of the knee. These patients are candidates for a partial knee replacement if the pain causes a limitation of movement and incapacitation. The goal of the surgery is to decrease pain and restore function. This is achieved by removing the damaged cartilage and replacing it with man-made implants called prostheses. These implants comprise metal caps placed over the ends of the bones of the knee joint with a plastic insert in between for smooth gliding motion. A partial knee replacement is known to have advantages over a total knee replacement in terms of a shorter and quicker recovery as well as less scarring.

Why opt for a partial knee replacement at Onto Orthopedics?

Dr. Hayden has been performing partial knee replacements for over 15 years, making him one of the few experts in this field. As a board certified and a Harvard trained orthopedic surgeon, he has obtained his expertise under the tutelage of surgical experts. He sees every patient personally and makes decisions on the type of knee replacement required based on a thorough examination. The skillful hands of Dr. Hayden provide a good chance for an excellent mid-term and long term results. We strive to maintain a complete electronic patient management system to deliver a satisfying patient experience as well. Right from the start, we have believed in the strict electronic maintenance of the medical records of our patients, making your history a part of our own. Our convenient location in a safe, high-end part of Plano, Texas, adds to the expert care that we bring to you under the premise of Dr. Hayden’s knowledge.

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