Have you suffered injuries in an automobile accident? Have you considered retaining an attorney after the collision? While hiring a lawyer is incredibly important for legal protection, we recommend you focus on your health as well. Some injuries will not heal properly without professional intervention. Our medical professionals offer many treatments that target and repair trauma injuries sustained in auto accidents. Whether you have just suffered from an accident or are dealing with related chronic pain, our practice maintains a leading-edge database of effective treatments. Additionally, doctor Hayden is trauma trained and skilled in many procedures that may help you get back on the road.

Did you sustain your injuries recently? If you have just left the emergency room, we can provide you with a range of follow-up care options. Emergency rooms are often very busy and some injuries could be overlooked. Our practice offers some of the latest diagnostic tools such as Mi-Eye 2, ultrasound, direct radiography, and c-arm machines. Whether you require fracture repairs, ligament repairs, or simply physical therapy Onto Orthopedics can provide you with the care and the tools to get you moving again.

If you are dealing with a chronic injury sustained in an automobile accident, we can often help as well. Our diagnostic equipment can help pin down mal-unions1 of bones as well as longer-lasting ligament damage. Once the source of your pain has been isolated, we can offer provide a range of care options. Often-times, physical therapy is all that is needed to strengthen a joint. If less-invasive options fail to work, Dr. Hayden provides many high-tech surgical solutions. If you have already retained an attorney after an accident, consider suggesting a second opinion from our office.

Regardless of the time elapsed since your auto accident, Onto Orthopedics can often help you with quality diagnostic and treatment techniques to get you back on the road. If your accident happened recently, consider scheduling an appointment with our office. If you are experiencing chronic pain from an older accident, please consider us for a second opinion as well. An attorney can be essential for legal protection. Just don’t forget to protect your health as well!

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