What is PIP?

Personal Injury Protection (or PIP) insurance is an extension of many auto insurance policies. PIP is a comprehensive automotive insurance provision designed to cover expenses incurred during and after a car accident regardless of the party at fault. PIP typically covers medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost income, child care expenses, survivors' loss, and household services. In some states, PIP insurance is a mandatory part of first party auto insurance while in others it is optional.While PIP coverage is optional in Texas, auto insurance companies are required to offer it to you. Unless you rejected PIP coverage in writing when you purchased your auto insurance, chances are the provision is included in your policy.2 Medpay is another common car insurance provision that can cover car accident-related medical expenses. 

How Can PIP Help with Auto Injuries?

If you have been injured in an auto accident and are searching for a way to pay for related medical expenses, PIP or Medpay coverage may help. While payments resulting from litigation may be delayed by months, PIP coverage typically pays out quickly. There is also typically no need to determine fault before using your PIP or Medpay coverage. Onto Orthopedics accepts various forms of payment for our orthopedic care, including PIP. We have specialists available who are trained to treat injuries such as those sustained in auto accidents. Onto Orthopedics is the office of Dr. Shawn Hayden, a Harvard trained orthopedic surgeon. Our clinic also maintains some of the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies to get you back on the road faster including Mi Eye 2, ultrasound, and direct radiography (DR) x-ray systems. 


If you are injured, it is important to receive medical care soon after an accident. If you are are looking for quality orthopedic care for an automotive injury, please contact our office at 214-731-3008 to schedule an appointment. 


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