Auto Injury Medical Attention

Onto Orthopedics has over 30 combined years of experience working with auto insurance companies, auto injury lawyers and auto injury specialty physicians.  Unless your car has only sustained a scratch, we typically recommend that anyone who has suffered an auto accident seek medical attention.  Even small appearing accidents can result in increased adrenaline flow and aches and pains from strained and sprained muscles and joints.  A single visit to ascertain that everything is OK is usually a good idea as a starting point.  Onto Orthopedics can directly help in this regard. Shawn A. Hayden, MD, PhD is a Harvard-trained orthopedic surgeon with many years of experience diagnosing and treating trauma victims.

With this in mind, might you benefit from first discussing your injury with an auto injury attorney prior to seeking medical care? Let’s discuss this in more detail.

How Can an Auto Injury Attorney Help?

First, finding a doctor to treat you may be challenging when you are injured in a motor vehicle collision.   Many medical doctors do not treat patients suffering from an auto injury because of difficulties collecting from health insurance companies when an auto insurance company is involved. Your health insurance may be legally able to withhold payment to your doctor until your auto accident case settles – often up to 2 years.  This is when a good auto injury lawyer can help. Onto Orthopedics has worked with local auto injury attorneys that practice auto injury law.   Many of these attorneys have developed a group of physicians and surgeons to which you can be referred to directly.  This can reduce your search to find a specialist to treat your injury by days.  (In the weeds warning! This may be a result of subrogation rules in your policy.  If you are interested in getting into the weeds, please find our developing information on insurance topics including:  Health Insurance, PIP, Medpay, UM/UIM, Third Party, and Subrogation.)

Second, after you have decided to seek legal counsel, you may ask yourself “What type of firm?” This often involves deciding between a big firm or small office.

Large law firms in the DFW area commonly process greater than 100 auto accident clients per month.  This means that they may have many extenders and paralegals handling your case.  While this may be efficient, there may be less time with the actual attorneys to receive TLC.  Auto injury lawyers which specialize in auto accident law also encompass smaller boutique firms which can offer more personalized care. Onto Orthopedics may be able to help you find such a boutique firm.  These smaller auto accident attorneys that process fewer than 25 cases per month can often offer you a greater amount of personal attention through the process, especially during the early going.  We have found through experience that efficient handling of your case often result in cases being processed more efficiently.  (In the weeds warning!:  The average settlement time for health care claims on your auto accident policy can be 14-16 months + after the injury. )

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