Ankle injuries are some of the most common injuries seen by orthopedic surgeons.1 In fact, over one million people visit the ER each year due to ankle injuries. Most ankle injuries also occur when the ankle is moved too far out of its typical position.

Common Ankle Injuries

Some of the most common causes of ankle pain include fractures, sprains, and strains. Ankle strains come in two general varieties, acute strains, and accumulating strains. Accumulating strains or "tendinosis" occur when the muscle tissue in an ankle cannot heal properly after each small injury.

Ankle Sprains- Ankle ligaments are stretched past their normal operating range. Spains range from minor micro-tears to a complete tear of ligaments in the ankle.

Ankle Strains- Ankle muscles or tendons are stretched beyond their normal operating range and are damaged.

Ankle Fractures- The ankle is comprised of three bones, the tibia, fibula, and talus.2 Any of these bones could be broken. Common causes of ankle fractures include car accidents, twisting, rotating, or rolling an ankle, or falling. 

Common Symptoms

Swelling, tenderness, and difficulty bearing weight on the ankle are common symptoms of ankle sprains.

Due to the numerous ways an ankle can become injured, ankle fractures can be mistaken for sprains. If you are experiencing unusual ankle pain or cannot walk on your foot, please contact us to ensure you do not have a more severe injury. If left untreated, some ankle fractures can lead to a loss of stability and an increased risk of arthritis in the joint. 

How We Can Help

Onto Orthopedics is the home of Dr. Shawn Hayden, a Harvard-trained orthopedic surgeon. When you visit us, Dr. Hayden will first inspect your ankle. Many times, an ankle injury is temporary and only rest is needed. If Dr. Hayden suspects a more serious injury, he might order one or more diagnostic tests of your ankle. Some of our innovative on-site diagnostic solutions include our ultrasound machine and direct radiography (DR) x-ray system. If an x-ray or our other in-office tests do not provide Dr. Hayden with a solid answer, he might order other tests including an MRI.

Once Dr. Hayden diagnoses your ankle pain, he will prescribe one of a variety of solutions. A mild injury might only require a short rest period, while a moderate ankle injury can often be treated with rest and an immobilizing brace. You may also be a candidate for our reparative solutions.  Dr. Hayden could recommend surgery as an option for severe ankle injuries. Dr. Hayden is well-trained in various arthroscopic surgeries which often help decrease recovery periods. Contact us at 214-731-3008 and we will do our best to assist you in making the right decision for the health of your ankle.