A shoulder surgeon can help repair shoulder issuesDownsides to Range of Motion

Many experts argue that humans’ bipedal motion helped propel us to the top of the food chain thousands of years ago. In fact, our two-legged walk may have given us improved endurance over our nearest 4-legged competitors. It may be no coincidence that many megafauna (like the mammoth) became extinct around the time we began to hunt them.1 As a consequence, our arms and shoulders began to take on other functions that require a larger range of motion. Such a change necessitated a compromise that increased flexibility and decreased stability of the shoulder joint. Dallas shoulder surgeons today provide an invaluable service by restoring functionality to your damaged shoulders.

Shoulder Diagnostics

When examining your shoulder joints, a shoulder surgeon will typically manipulate the joint and check for common symptoms. These may include popping, soreness, redness, and a reduced range of motion of the joint. The surgeon may also ask about any accidents or injuries you’ve sustained in the past. For example, shoulder dislocations may increase your risk of future shoulder problems.2 By providing a detailed history, you can help point our team in the right direction from the beginning.

When the shoulder surgeon has identified a potential problem with your shoulder, he will often request medical images to confirm the diagnosis. Both ultrasound and advanced x-ray imaging are available on-site (a location convenient for north Dallas and Plano area residents). MRI imaging can also be requested if necessary. If the images reveal a minor problem, the surgeon may suggest physical therapy or some other less-invasive solution. If conditioning improves the stability, mobility, and pain level of your shoulder joint, nothing more may be required to get you back on the road.

Orthopedic Solutions

Depending on the severity of your shoulder injury, minimally invasive orthobiologics might provide an alternative to surgery. If you are not a good candidate for one of these treatments, there may be an innovative surgical solution to your shoulder pain. With the recent advance of shoulder surgery technology, various minimally invasive techniques exist to help provide the best possible outcome. Many rotator cuff repairs can be made with arthroscopic procedures involving very small incisions. Whatever your injury, rest assured that our shoulder surgeon and the rest of our medical team will provide you with the best care possible. Please contact us today to learn more about our shoulder injury care. Our practice is located just north of Dallas in west Plano.

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