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Shoulder Care

The shoulder is a marvelous joint, representing a compromise between mobility and stability. While the shoulder must be mobile enough to allow ample arm movement, it also must be stable enough to permit the lifting and manipulation of objects. Due to this compromise, shoulder joints often suffer from problems not encountered with the hips. The medical experts at Onto Orthopedics can treat many types of rotator cuff tears, instability, and other varieties of shoulder joint damage. Please see the following articles to learn more or visit ourĀ "contact us" page.

Rotator Cuff Treatments at Onto Orthopedics- Rotator Cuff Surgeon

rotator cuff problems

Rotator Cuff Injuries:

The shoulder joint permits a wide range of movement, allowing us to play sports like basketball, badminton, hockey and even ballet. It is formed by multiple bones including the humerus, collar bone and glenoid cavity of the shoulder blade, and muscles (especially the rotator cuff muscles and tendons). The rotator cuff is a sheath of muscles that wraps around the shoulder joint and is comprised of four muscles and their tendons. Together these help to stabilize the shoulder joint and ensure smooth movement. Unfortunately the rotator cuff is prone to several injuries and inflammation due to overuse of the shoulder joint.

Trauma/injury and degeneration are the two most common causes of rotator cuff injury. Injury to the rotator cuff causes tears in one or more tendons which attach to the head of the humerus (arm bone). It can result in either a partial tear or complete tear. These tears can be grouped into 2 categories:

-Acute tears usually happen in cases of lifting something heavy with a sudden jerk or falling on an outstretched arm.

-Degenerative tears occur when the tendon is slowly damaged over a long period of time. This usually occurs in the dominant hand (for example the right hand for a right handed person). The rotator cuff may degenerate with age because of decreased blood supply, secondary to aging. Hence, repair of the tendons becomes slow, making them more prone to tears.

Non-Steroidal Shoulder Pain Treatment

We offer comprehensive non steroidal treatmentsA continuous nagging pain at the shoulder could be due to an injury or an underlying disease of the shoulder joint. The shoulder is an extremely mobile joint which is always at the risk of an injury that could lead to complete instability of the joint.

There are varied approaches by different surgeons to treat shoulder pain. The objective of treatment is to prevent further injuries and ease discomfort, thus enabling easy movement. The line of treatment adopted mainly depends upon the cause and the severity of the condition. The initial treatment mainly consists of rest, ice packs, anti-inflammatory medication and physiotherapy. Steroids are also commonly used to reduce pain and inflammation.