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Physical Therapy- Onto Motion

Were you recently injured in an accident or have muscle aches and pains seemingly appeared without notice? Regardless of the cause or origin, studies indicate physical therapy can help reduce pain and improve function long-term.Onto Orthopedics has extensive experience treating musculoskeletal trauma and chronic injuries with some of the latest techniques and treatment technologies. To help provide an even more comprehensive orthopedic experience in-house we recently launched Onto Motion, our physical therapy division. Our patients can now receive top quality, bespoke physical therapy care in-office with Dr. Christian Andriano at the helm. We are now also offering top quality remote physical therapy appointments from the comfort of your home, often within 24 hours of your call. Additionally we are currently offering a free* physical therapy wellness check. Please call us at 214-731-3008 or Contact Us today to learn more! 




*Restrictions apply. 

Dr. Cole Cisneros

Dr. Cole Cisneros is a licensed Physical Therapist with extensive training in treatments for a wide variety of orthopedic injuries at Onto Motion. Specializing in evidence-based physical therapy, Dr. Cisneros can help you get back on your feet more quickly. Dr. Cisneros utilizes a care-focused approach to treat everyone from professional sports figures (UFC), to weekend warriors to senior citizens. Cole's goal is to help improve your symptoms with targeted treatments and set your life back in motion. Click here to learn more about the targeted physical therapy services and features we offer at Onto Motion. Dr. Cisneros is now also providing free physical therapy wellness checks or evaluations. No referral or prescription are required for this service although some restrictions apply. Click here to learn more! 

Physical Therapy at Onto Motion

Injuries often do not require surgery. In many cases a few weeks of high quality physical therapy are all that are needed to return you to your feet. Dr. Cole Cisneros recently joined our practice to lead Onto Motion, our physical therapy division. He brings with him some of the latest in physical therapeutic techniques. Here are some of the many advantages to our tailored PT treatments:

One stop shop: With our in-house PT and orthopedic solutions there is no need to worry about 3rd party physical therapy or orthopedics. We offer convenient physical therapy services in our Plano and Sherman offices.

Personalized service: Avoid physical therapy mills with our personalized private PT. 

Top-end technologies: We use some of the latest specialty scheduling and PT management software to help streamline your visits. 

Multiple payment options: We accept various insurance plans including coverage provided by many auto insurance policies. 

Flexible Scheduling: We do our best to accomodate your schedule and find appointment times that work best for your busy work week. 

Telemedicine: Onto Motion offers physical therapy remotely via our telemedicine software. 

Call us today at 214-731-3008 or Onto Motion directly at 469-627-1948 to learn more! 

Free Wellness Check

Dr. Cole Cisneros, our licensed physical therapist at Onto Motion can help get you moving again after an accident and can help transform your pain. Begin with a free wellness check either in our clinic or remotely via telemedicine video conference. Dr. Cisneros will carefully evaluate your injuries and pain and develop a high quality, customized treatment plan. This is a no cost or obligation service and no prescription or referral are required. 


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Regardless of your age, occupation, or activity level we can help you get back on your feet and put your life back in motion. Evalutions are quick and usually only take 30 minutes. We usually have appointments available within 24 hours. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your free assessment or call our Onto Motion experts at 469-627-1948 for a rapid appointment! 


*Per federal guidelines, beneficiaries of plans such as Medicaid, Medicare, VHA, Tricare and other federally funded plans are unfortunately not eligible for no cost evaluations.

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