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Sports medicine is one of the fastest growing specialties in medicine. It deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injuries which result from athletic activities or sports. Sports medicine is a multidisciplinary field containing many professionals such as doctors, surgeons, physical therapists, coaches and other personnel. These medical professionals work towards restoring optimal function to the injured sportsman. Preventive care is an important aspect of sports medicine. Only in recent times has sports medicine emerged as a separate field of medicine and is rapidly evolving and growing with time. Nowadays, sports medicine is no longer only the domain of the star athelete. Sports medical care is now available to high school children, seniors and just about any individual who wants to stay fit and participate in physical activity.

With an increasing awareness of the beneficial effects of physical exercise, the demand for sports physicians is also rapidly increasing.

The Sports Medicine Physician

Sports medicine, a branch of medical science, also includes physical exercise and activity as a part of the program to improve stamina and performance for sports. Sports physicians are physicians who treat injuries of the bones, joints, muscles, and tendons. They work in hospitals, clinics as well as sports organizations. At Onto Orthopedics, Dr. Shawn Hayden is a Harvard trained expert with specialized training in sports medicine. He is meticulous and experienced with many years to his credit and has been practicing successfully in the Plano area north of Dallas, Texas. He works as part of a team with medical experts to create a rehabilitative plan for athletes including

exercise, nutrition and treatment. Dr. Hayden possesses excellent skills of communication as well as compassion and charts out a treatment plan for you based on your individual needs.

Sports medicine physicians help people recover from injuries and help them get back to playing the game they enjoy the most. Sports injuries are of various types and can occur either due to improper exercises or training techniques, insufficient warm ups or stretching exercises or usage of incorrect equipment. The most common injuries which occur during any kind of physical activity are strains or sprains, fractures, dislocations and knee injuries. Ligament tears also commonly occur in sportsmen. These injuries could either be minor or may require surgical intervention for complete recovery. The treatment options usually depend on the severity of injury and type of injury.

Sports Medicine Solutions

Sports medicine involves a thorough investigation of any injury as what may just appear as a sprain can be a disguised hairline fracture. Our practice maintains leading diagnostic technologies including an in house DR X-ray, C-Arm machine, Ultrasound machine, and Mi-Eye 2 video camera. We also provide advanced in-office treatments and orthobiologics. Our efficient team of personnel can also help provide an accurate evaluation, treatment, and a thorough exercise rehabilitation program. This assists maintenance of overall fitness while recoverying the injured body part.

Contributed by Dr. Rachita Narsaria, MD


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