Comprehensive Orthopedic Care

Auto Accidents and Spine Injuries, Care

auto accidentAutomobile accidents often leave a trail of irreparable injuries to the back and spine in addition to reparable dents on the car. Back injuries can be divided into 3 parts for easier understanding, those affecting the- cervical (neck), thoracic (upper back) and lumbar (lower back) regions.

The back may be hit very hard depending on the velocity of the car in an accident. The back is composed of multiple vertebrae stacked up one above the other interspersed by firm jelly-like ‘intervertebral discs’. In case of a sudden, severe injury there may be ‘popping out’ or herniation of the intervertebral disc as well as a fracture of the vertebrae. This can result in very tremendous pain in the back, producing immense difficulty in back movements. These usually occur in upper and lower back regions.

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Comprehensive Orthopedic Care

comprehensive orthopedic careOnto Orthopedics, the home of a leading orthopedic surgeon, is a sophisticated practice located conveniently in west Plano north of Dallas. We specialize in spine care, sports injuries, joint issues, trauma injuries, and in many other areas. We also specialize in the treatment of automobile injuries. With advanced diagnostic technologies like ultrasound, direct radiography (DR) x-ray, and c-arm machines at our office, comprehensive orthopedic care is now more convenient than ever. To learn more about some of the orthopedic specialties we cover, please visit the following links: