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How to Detect a Serious Back Injury

back pain smallAccidents leading to injury and trauma can happen to anyone [1, 2]. Many times, injuries can be asymptomatic especially if they are deep, so we tend to ignore them. We barely pay attention to medically important signs called ‘red flag sings’ by doctors, such as experiencing pain when lifting a bucket or not being able to walk properly. This can be extremely dangerous especially as the neck and spine (back) are involved. Most people will have a minor back problem at some point of time in their lives [3]. The question remains though- when do we know if a back injury is serious? This article will help you to gain a deeper insight into the seriousness of back injuries.

Direct vs Computed Radiography

x-ray technology is constantly improvingIf you've ever suffered from a fracture, you've probably received at least one X-Ray. X-Ray technology has improved tremendously over the years. Long gone are the days when most x-rays were taken and processed in dark rooms full of dangerous chemicals. Now, various systems compete to provide the highest quality x-rays in the least time and at the lowest dose. See our previous article on the advantages of direct radiography for an explanation of the technological differences. Onto Orthopedics has taken a large step into the future by adopting a latest generation direct radiography x-ray detector.

How apparent are these image quality improvements in the final x-ray image? When using the latest generation direct x-ray detector, image quality is usually so much better that even an untrained viewer will notice! Even better, this image quality can often be realized with the same or less dose of radiation when compared with a computed radiography system. Direct radiography systems are also typically much faster- getting you your diagnosis quicker than ever.

5 Fat-Busting Winter Activities

ice hockey burns tons of calories!Winter and snowfall bring with them a sense of peace and tranquil. It can be a lot of fun to keep a calm mind in activities that are physically invigorating. Winter sports not only help keep you warm but also endow innumerable health benefits to the body by strengthening muscles and keeping up its agility. Both of these tend to drop with temperature. [1] While you take up these winter sports be sure to keep to safe terrain, wear ample warm clothing and carry enough safety gear to prevent untoward injuries. So get out your stowed away winter gear and let the snow bring out that hidden talent in you!

Some beckoning winter sports this season are:

1. Cross Country Skiing:

Orthopedic Shoes: Fashion Friend or Foe?

They are the butt of many jokes but orthopedic shoes are actually a godsend for countless people. Shoes of this kind provide support and relief from pain for those who suffer from a wide variety of afflictions. If you are experiencing discomfort in your feet, ankles or legs then you could benefit from wearing orthopedic shoes. They are simply shoes that are designed to make sure to allow feet their natural shape. This is especially important when we wear shoes for extended periods of time. Many years ago these shoes were primarily designed to be functional with no thought given to the fashion aspect. However, today this is fortunately not the case. There is now a wide range of pain-relieving shoes available that often can’t be told apart from normal shoes!

A Second Option for Quality Care

Second opinions can be helpfulMedical care and treatment is a necessity for quality living. With the Affordable Care Act, our country has attempted to expand access to healthcare at the expense of quality. A doctor bears the responsibility of understanding the medical needs of the patient and delivering quality health care. However, in certain cases the patient may not be satisfied with the opinion of a physician. In such cases, the patient has the sole right to seek a second medical opinion to ensure that he gets optimum and desired health care up to his satisfaction. Here are some of the reasons where a second medical opinion is genuinely recommended:


Proper nutrition is important for bone health!We all wish to have strong bones required to lead an active life, but exercising is probably the hardest thing to do. The mantra often is to cut extra calories to the bone and stock your kitchen with some bone-friendly food. This article aims at making you your own dietician so that you can calculate for yourself what food and how much of it your body needs.

First, it’s important to consume an adequate amount of nutrients for strong bones. As recommended by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the daily requirement of calcium for an adult is 1000mg/day and that of vitamin D is 600IU/day. [1] While calcium can be derived from various foods, vitamin D is synthesized by the skin with the help of sunlight. An exposure to sunlight for 5 – 30 minutes from 10a.m. to 5p.m. twice a week can provide enough vitamin D for healthy bones.

The top 5 foods for healthy bones have been listed below,

1. Dairy products                                                     

Milk – Easily available in every corner of the world, this wonder food is packed with nutrients. 1 cup or 8 ounces of milk contain 305mg of calcium. So, people who can drink 3 glasses of milk a day can keep broken bones far away. Those who dislike milk can turn it into a fruit smoothie, or opt for yogurt and cheese instead.

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