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Auto Accident? Remember Your Health!

Have you suffered injuries in an automobile accident? Have you considered retaining an attorney after the collision? While hiring a lawyer is incredibly important for legal protection, we recommend you focus on your health as well. Some injuries will not heal properly without professional intervention. Our medical professionals offer many treatments that target and repair trauma injuries sustained in auto accidents. Whether you have just suffered from an accident or are dealing with related chronic pain, our practice maintains a leading-edge database of effective treatments. Additionally, doctor Hayden is trauma trained and skilled in many procedures that may help you get back on the road.

Did you sustain your injuries recently? If you have just left the emergency room, we can provide you with a range of follow-up care options. Emergency rooms are often very busy and some injuries could be overlooked. Our practice offers some of the latest diagnostic tools such as Mi-Eye 2, ultrasound, direct radiography, and c-arm machines. Whether you require fracture repairs, ligament repairs, or simply physical therapy Onto Orthopedics can provide you with the care and the tools to get you moving again.

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See an orthopedist after an auto accidentAn auto accident is a very harrowing experience for the sufferers and their near and dear ones. It not only leads to physical injuries, but also causes severe mental trauma that may last for years after the accident. See an orthopedic surgeon after an accident to help treat any injuries.

Auto Accidents are a common cause of death in the United States (1). A few common causes of auto-accidents are distracted driving, speeding, reckless driving or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, crossing beyond stop signs, late night driving, wrong lane driving or abrupt lane changes, driving too close or not keeping safe distance, driving in snow, rain or fog, driving when fatigued etc. Distracted driving indicates inattention while driving. This can include fatigue, physical and mental ill health of the driver (2).

Auto accidents can lead to injuries ranging from a simple abrasion to minor fractures to life threatening injuries. The major injuries if unattended within a set few hours, can lead to lifelong impairments.

One must bear in mind that often injuries are not felt or detected immediately. There are certain hormones called endorphins which are released after the shock of an accident. These endorphins along with the shock of the jolt felt due to the accident act as painkillers and because of this the victim fails to feel the injury or pain right away. The symptoms like pain, giddiness, distress etc. are often felt a few days later after the initial shock phase is over. These can be detected earlier if one visits an auto accident orthopedist without delay. He will do a thorough check-up to detect any injury caused by the accident.

Five Common Car Collision Injuries

whiplashAn auto accident, even when not fatal, is a very traumatic incident for the victims and their family members. Along with the physical trauma, there is a lot of mental distress that one goes through after an auto accident. In major accidents, people have often walked out unharmed, while some minor accidents have caused unexpected fatal injuries. What accident will end what way can never be predicted. Thus, it is often best to take all precautions while driving.

The injuries suffered by the victims depend on various factors like the circumstances of the accident, the positions of the passengers, whether seat belts were worn or not, the type of collision, the intensity of the accident etc.

In an accident, the victims commonly suffer from cuts and scrapes due to broken glass, or when hit by other smaller objects in the car which are thrown around due to the impact of the accident. These are relatively minor injuries, but there are certain other major orthopedic injuries which are common and should be watched for before they start giving serious trouble.

  •  Brain and Head Injuries

One of the most common injuries is that to the head or the brain. These can range from a mild scar, bruise, or concussion to a skull fracture or internal brain injury. At times, there is no external physical sign of trauma to the head but the impact of the accident jostles the brain and can cause bleeding. A severe brain injury can lead to severe physical damage. A permanent disability, nerve damage or vision loss or hearing loss can occur depending on the part of the brain which is injured.