shoulder The Shoulder

The shoulder has the widest range of motion of any joint in your body. Unfortunately, this high range of motion makes it easier to injure your shoulders. Minor shoulder aches and pains are common, however certain symptoms might be indicators of more serious shoulder problems. Symptoms of more severe shoulder injury include swelling, numbness, tingling, weakness, or a reduction in your range of motion. Often, basic self-treatments can reduce shoulder pain or stiffness.

When home treatment fails to relieve your pain, you might have a more serious shoulder issue. Typically these problems come in two types, acute and overuse injuries. Acute injuries might occur from falling on the associated arm, a direct hit to the shoulder, or an overextension of the shoulder joint. On the other hand, overuse injuries might only become obvious after a long while, especially if shoulder soreness is common in your daily routine. Onto Orthopedics offers various minimally invasive in-office and arthroscopic surgical solutions to help repair should injuries. The following are some common injuries and some of the solutions we offer:

Shoulder Injuries and Solutions

  • Acute Shoulder Injuries-  Some types of acute injuries include: Sprains to the shoulder ligaments, bruises, pulled muscles or strains, ligament damage, a torn rotator cuff (where tendons covering the shoulder joint are damaged), shoulder separation, and fractures to the shoulder bones. Nerve and blood vessel damage is typically indicated by a tingly feeling, numbness, a drop in arm temperature, weakness in the arm or discoloration. 
  • Overuse Shoulder Injuries- Overuse injuries are often indicated by inflammation of the pocket of fluid in the joint area (bursitis), inflammation of shoulder tendons (tendinitis), a muscle strain, or a stiff or frozen shoulder.