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Car accidents are an incredibly common cause of orthopedic injuries. The severity of any injuries experienced will of course be dependent on the accident itself, and each patient with trauma resulting from a car crash will require treatment unique to their condition.


It is an unfortunate fact that you can never have complete control of your safety on the roads, largely due to the presence of other drivers and the conditions of the road. However, there are things that you can do to help avoid and prevent an accident as much as possible.


Be Cautious


If you have been driving for a long time then you may feel as though your experience means you have to be less cautious on the roads. This can especially be the case if you have been driving for a long time without ever experiencing an accident. 


Making an effort to always be extra cautious on the roads, regardless of how good of a driver you believe yourself to be, can go a long way to keeping you and other road users safe. 


Whenever you are pulling into traffic you should always stop, look, and listen to make sure that it is entirely safe to do so. Similarly, when you have been waiting at a red light that has just turned green, wait and count to three before you drive through. This will help you to avoid any possible collisions with other drivers who may not have realised that the light has turned red for them.


Pay Attention to Pedestrians


Pedestrians can sometimes be unpredictable with their behaviour on the roads. This could be for any number of reasons, such as intoxication or not paying attention. Children can also be a hazard to road users if they do not understand the danger of running out into the road, or have been left unsupervised. 


Road Safety Pedestrian Injury


Car Maintenance


The health of your car can help to protect you from emergencies on the road. Getting a regular checkup will help to detect any minor issues before they become major concerns. 


Ask around for recommendations for a reliable mechanic and visit as often as you feel is necessary. It is always best to be over-cautious in this case than to leave it for too long. If you feel like you should seek a second opinion on an issue with your car then it is never a problem to do so. This could not only help you to find a better service, but could also save you money.


In Car Technology


There has been a surge in the past few years of technology in vehicles that is helping to save lives and prevent accidents. 


The presence of seatbelts and airbags are common practice in cars, and have been for a long time. However, the purpose of these things is to protect the driver when an accident does occur. The purpose of the technology that is being developed in the last few years has more of an emphasis on helping to prevent a crash happening in the first place. 


You may not have heard about electronic stability control before, but it is thought to be one of the most important crash avoidance technologies of the present day. This technology helps to reduce the risk of a crash by automatically taking control in certain situations. For example, when a car is sliding on snow, electronic stability control can momentarily apply the brakes on one or more of the wheels, as well as reduce the power of the engine. 


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Automatic emergency braking is a separate safety feature that is just now starting to be seen in modern mainstream vehicles. With this technology, the vehicle is able to detect certain warning signs and can then take automatic action if the driver does not respond to the warnings. For example, the car may brake automatically in oder to avoid a collision. Future developments on similar technology could soon see cars able to drive themselves around obstacles when it is deemed safe to do so. 


Lane departure prevention is an alert system that helps the driver to be aware if they are driving outside of their lane. This is something that may happen for example if the driver has fallen asleep at the wheel. As well as trying to get the drivers attention, such as with noise, lights, or vibration, lane departure prevention will also try to steer the vehicle back on track. 


Auto Injury Specialists


With the advent of crash prevention technology, as well as the development of safety features within vehicles, it can be hoped that the prevalance of car accidents will decrease in the future. However, it will surely never be the case that they cease to occur entirely! 


If you do find yourself injured as a result of an accident on the roads, then seeking specialist care is pivotal to your recovery. At Onto Orthopedics we pride ourselves on offering the very best orthopedic care to those affected by an automobile accident


Everyone at our clinic will do their very best to welcome you, diagnose your injuries with precision, and then get you on the very best path to recovery as efficiently as possible! Give us a call now to see how we can help you!