Sometimes eating for optimum health can be a chore. With so much information to consider and a wide variety of health boosting foods to try and include, it isn’t difficult to get disheartened with trying to keep up. Fortunately healthy eating doesn’t always have to be difficult, and there are an abundance of delicious healthy foods that are easy to find, simple to prepare and enjoyable to eat – the delicious mango is a perfect example!

Mangoes for Fracture Prevention

Mangoes are not only loved for their tastiness, but also for their health boosting properties. They have been studied extensively to determine just how great they are for our health. One of the most exciting aspects of this research is that it has shown that mangoes can help to prevent bone fractures! This is largely thanks to the high vitamin C content, and the fact that they can help to boost calcium absorption in the body.

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A study conducted at Oklahoma State University demonstrated that mango has the potential to improve bone mineral density and bone strength when included as part of a high fat diet. This study also showed that eating mango in moderation is best and there is no need to over-do it. 

Mangoes are bursting with nutrients that make them great for overall health when eaten regularly and you can find out more about this below!

Vitamin C

You can consume 76% of your RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of vitamin C by eating just one cup of sliced mango. It is important to always eat an adequate amount of vitamin C as it works with vitamin D in the body to stimulate osteoblasts, which are bone building cells.


Osteoblasts are great for the growth of the bones as well as the production of collagen.

Vitamin A

You can consume 25% of your RDA of vitamin A by eating just one cup of sliced mango. This fat-soluble vitamin is important for the function of the immune system as well as maintaining vision.

Mango for Vitamin A Orthopedic

You should be careful not to consume too much vitamin A, as this can actually be bad for your bones! If you are regularly eating animal products that are high in this vitamin, such as liver from chickens or cows, then it may be worth reevaluating your diet and opting for plant-based sources instead.

Vitamin B6

You can consume 11% of your RDA of vitamin B6 by eating just one cup of sliced mango. B vitamins play an important role in converting food into energy and helping the body to metabolize fat and protein.


B vitamins are also essential for the optimum health and function of the eyes, skin and hair. Vitamin B6 is particularly useful for the cardiovascular system and the nervous system.


You can consume 4% of your RDA of magnesium by eating just one cup of sliced mango. Magnesium is essential for heart health and works in collaboration with calcium to keep blood pressure levels steady. The presence of magnesium in the body can reinforce bone health and also make teeth harder.


You can consume 9% of your RDA of copper by eating just one cup of sliced mango. Copper is important for energy production, as well as preventing the signs of premature ageing.


A copper deficiency can contribute to a heightened risk of infection and an increased risk of developing osteoporosis. A copper deficiency can also impair neurological function and compromise growth.


You can consume 7% of your RDA of potassium by eating just one cup of sliced mango. Potassium can enhance your muscle strength as well as your metabolism. It also aids the function of the nervous system and helps to tackle stress and anxiety. The presence of potassium also helps to balance the presence of sodium, which in turn helps to keep blood pressure levels steady.

Weight Loss

In addition to being great for the health of your bones, regular consumption of this amazing fruit is thought to aid the weight loss process, help to keep diabetes under control, regulate the digestive system and help to alkalize the body.

Cancer Prevention

The presence of such a wealth of antioxidants in mangoes makes them very useful for helping to protect the body against cancer. It is believed that prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and leukaemia are affected most by the presence of these antioxidants in the body.

Enjoying Mangoes

You don’t have to eat mangoes to enjoy the benefits of them and applying the flesh to your face can give your skin a boost! You can either mash the flesh down into a paste, or simply place thin slices on your face for 20 minutes before rinsing your skin.

As you can see, there is a wide range of reasons to include mangoes in your diet and there is much to be gained health-wise when you do so! Protecting the health of your bones is pivotal to optimum health as you age, and eating a diet that supports bone health should be high on your list of priorities!