Diet Tips for a Healthy 2019 Orthopedic

2019 is already flying by and you might be asking yourself if this year is going to be the year that you conquer your unhealthy habits! If you are ready to drop a few pounds, enhance your energy levels, and live a healthier and fitter life in 2019, then the following diet tips can help you to get started!


Enjoy Breakfast


Skipping breakfast is a common behaviour amongst dieters. Some people feel as though not having this meal in the morning will help them to save on calories. However, studies have shown that not having breakfast isn’t a good way to lose weight, and can also mean that you are missing out on a big dose of essential nutrients. 


Not only this, but skipping breakfast can mean that your hunger levels are much higher for the rest of the day, leading to snacking and over-eating for the rest of the day. Having a healthy breakfast that includes some protein, fat, and fibre will help to keep you feeling full and ready to take on the day. 


How Many Meals


The typical American diet tends to be made up of three meals. There is evidence to suggest that having more smaller meals throughout the day, instead of three big meals, is much better for weight loss and weight maintenance. It has been suggested that this can keep your metabolism revved up, and prevent you from snacking on unhealthy options as your appetitie is better balanced. 


Include More Fruit & Vegetables


When it comes to eating fruits and vegetables it is hard to go wrong! As long as you generally opt for the fresh, whole versions of fruits and vegetables, instead of pre-prepared options, then you are going to be nourishing your body with each mouthful! 


Fruit snd vegetables are generally low in calories, low in fat, and high in fibre – making them an excellent choice for those who are trying to follow a healthy diet!


Exercise More


Following a healthy diet is a great way to get healthier, and can go a long way to helping you lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight. However, if you aren’t coupling your healthy diet with a regular workout routine then you may not reach your goals! 


Exercise Health Fitness Diet


Burning calories is just one great beneft of exercising regularly. Doing so will also help to boost your cardiovascular health, protect the health of your bones, and also enhance your confidence, happiness, and sense of well-being!


Stay Hydrated


You may be surprised to learn that it is actually really easy to confuse your thirst for hunger. This can lead people to overeat when actually they could satisfy these feelings with a drink! If you make the extra effort to stay hydrated during the day then you can keep thirst at bay, and therefore reduce your chance of snacking when you aren’t actually really hungry!

Check Labels


Food labels exist to make it much easier for us to understant what we are eating. If you are not utilising this information then you could easily be sabotaging your healthy diet efforts. 


Portion Control


One of the most common reasons for over-eating is that the portions of food are simply too big. Often the stomach will be full before the brain realises that enough food has been consumed. In fact, it can often take as much as 20 minutes before the brain catches up. This means that we are sometimes eating more food than we really want! 


Portion Control Ortopedics


It is a good idea to become aware of what a sensible portion actually looks like. You might find it helpful to use a smaller plates and bowls, and also to eat slowly instead of rushing through each meal. 


Be Careful With Restrictions


It can often be the case that banning certain foods makes you want them even more! This can not only sabotage your diet efforts, but also leave you feeling miserable as you are missing your favourite things. 


Instead of eradicating your favourite guilty plesures from your diet for good, just try to enjoy them in moderation. If you know that a certain treat is really bad for your waist line, but you really don’t want to go without it, then try to include it just once a week or even less! This will make sure you can still indulge in the treats that you love without ruining all of the healthy eating you are doing the rest of the time. 


Consider Your Reasons


Many people put pressure on themselves to reach certain health and fitness goals, such as a target weight. Doing so can increase your stress levels and be of detriment to your happiness! Try to understand why you want to lose weight, and if doing so is really the best thing for your health, happiness, and general fitness. You might soon discover that you have other fitness goals in mind that aren’t weight oriented!