The training involved with becoming an orthopedic surgeon is quite extensive and it will take many years before a new surgeon is ready to practice medicine and operate. Not only does embarking upon this career require a lengthy period of training, but it also requires that the person in question has a strong desire to help other people heal. This passion to bring relief, return function and eradicate pain from the lives of those afflicted with health issues has to be the main driver behind this career choice. Anyone who enters for any other reason will soon burn out and realise that this is not the career path for them!

During an orthopedic surgeons career they are going to encounter many different problems with a wide variety of possible outcomes. However, during this career they are also going to encounter several of the same common conditions. The elbow, wrist and hand are three areas that are very common for patients to have problems in. As an orthopedic surgeon the passion to help each patient recover, regardless of how many times the surgeon has done the same operation before, will be evident.

As any orthopedic surgeon will know, the arm is one of the most important areas to be able to treat effectively. This is because it is both the most commonly injured and generally the most important limb for completing day to day tasks. Common problems that the arm can experience are injury to the nerves, tendon injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tumours, fractures and breaks.

The constant evolution of treatment options for all of these problems means that orthopedic surgeons are constantly developing and discovering innovative solutions to health problems. It is this innovation in technology development that constantly injects enthusiasm and inspiration into their jobs, helping to keep their passion alive.

It is the goal of every healthcare professional to see their patients recover and return to 100% full health. However, even in cases where this is inevitably not possible, it is still a rewarding process for a patient to regain a certain level of function and go on to lead a productive and happy life. If you have experienced an injury or developed a condition that requires orthopedic attention, then be sure to explain your relevant fears and expectations to your doctor. This will enable them to be creative in their approach to developing the best possible treatment plan for your needs.