When to Call the Bone Doctor Onto Orthopedics

The human body is unarguably a very complex thing, with many different internal structures and systems that all work in synchronisation with each other. When a problem presents in one part of the body, it can soon cause trouble in one or more other areas. This can make the process of understanding and fixing the issue to be as complicated as the body itself!


There are several different types of injuries and health conditions that will require the attention of the bone doctor, also known as an orthopedic surgeon, or orthopedic specialist. Knowing when the correct time to call upon this type of healthcare professional is, as opposed to an expert in a different field, is essential to getting the appropriate treatment. This of course then impacts on how well and how fast you recover.


Today we are going to explore some of our areas of expertise over here at Onto Orthopedics, so that you can know who to call if you experience any of these problems!

Joint Injury Care

Experiencing pain in your joints can be quite a debilitating problem. It can make everyday tasks and necessary activities become quite painful and hard to manage. 


You may feel pain in the joints due to an accident or injury in the afflicted area. This is also something that can simply happen over time and with overuse of the joint in question. Furthermore, you may experience pain in several joints at the same time, not just one!


You may have already resigned yourself to a life of living with this pain, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. There are things that can be done to alleviate or even sometimes eradicate your pain!

Joint Injury Care Onto Orthopedics

You are certainly not alone in your experience of joint pain, and having a full consultation about your individual issue is a great first step to working through your problem. 


Arthritis is one of the most common reasons that people start to experience joint pain. Although many people believe this to be a condition that only affects elderly people, it can actually occur at any point in your adult life. When arthritis strikes, it is likely to do so in several different joints at the same time. 


Arthritis is most commonly treated with medication, but there are also surgical options available for the more severe cases.


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Automobile Injury Care

Unfortunately it is quite common that people experience orthopedic injuries when they are involved in an automobile accident. Our help in this area extends to those who have just been injured in an incident, as well as to those who may be suffering with long-term physical health problems as a result of a previous car crash.

Auto Injury Specialist Care

If you have been the victim of an auto accident, then we always encourage you to visit an orthopedic specialist immediately. This can ensure that you get the correct diagnosis in the first instance, and can then go about getting the very best treatment for your injuries.


Several of the types of injuries that you can sustain from an accident of this nature are best dealt with quickly, and your recovery time may be reduced by addressing the issue (or issues) as soon as possible. 


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Spine Injury Care

Your spine is without a doubt one of the most important parts of your body. It does a great deal to support you during each and every day, and can experience damage from accident, injury, and even illness. When the spine is negatively affected it can lead to back pain, which can be quite debilitating! 


You may sometimes find that rest and relaxation is enough to alleviate the back pain that you are feeling, however, this isn’t always going to be the case. Sometimes more severe actions need to be taken in order to limit the impact that back pain has on your life. 

Spine Injury Care Onto Orthopedics

Getting a quick and accurate diagnosis to understand the cause of your back pain, and how your spine is involved, is the best way to quickly get back on the path to optimum health. 


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Onto Orthopedics

Everything that we do at Onto Orthopedics is with our patients best interests at heart, and it is our goal to see each and every person on the road to recovery as soon as realistically possible! 


There is no orthopedic issue too large or too small for us to help you with, so we always urge you to get in touch with any relevant health complaints that you may have! 


If you have already been seen by another specialist then this is nothing to worry about, and we can transfer your care with ease to our clinic.