It is unfortunate, but it can happen to anyone! Car accidents take place every day for a wide variety of reasons as the roads can be dangerous places to be, especially during adverse weather conditions.


Driving Responsibly


Driving responsibly isn’t always enough to keep you safe as other drivers on the road might be acting irresponsibly. Also, an accident can happen even when nobody is at fault.


There are simply so many things to take into consideration when you are on the road that you cannot have total control at all times.


After an Auto Accident


So what is the standard process to follow once you have had a car accident? You will first go through the usual routes of filing reports with the DMV and the police. But what do you do if you have been left with auto-specific injuries. What should you do next?


Your next course of action should be to visit an auto injury orthopedic doctor. That is a specialist in damage caused to the body by car accidents.


Common Auto Accident Injuries


The worst-affected areas of car accidents are usually the back and the neck. This is because they generally take the brunt of the force when one car hits another, or when a car hits a static object.


The back area forms the basis of the skeleton, and it can actually be incredibly flexible, providing support and protection. The vertebrae (bones), are kept apart by discs, and these are the most likely to be dislodged by a car accident.


As well as fracturing the spinal bones, the discs can be knocked out of place, causing extreme pain and making flexible movement very difficult. The discs can also press on the spinal nerves, which can make you lose feeling or experience tingling anywhere that might get signals from the affected nerves.


Both the lower and upper back can be affected in a car accident, which is why when an individual is being removed from a car accident scene, they are often immobilised to stop any further damage from occurring.This is a very important part of the recovery process and any healthcare professionals in attendance at the scene will be expertly trained in this matter.


Whiplash Onto Orthopedics


The neck is also a very at risk. Forming the top of the spine, the neck is likely to be injured because of the sudden stopping motion of a car accident. Whiplash occurs when the car brakes suddenly, causing the head to snap back and inflicting abrupt stress to the neck. This can hurt the muscles in the area, due to the sudden strain. This can also hurt the bones in the collarbone and upper back area.


Statistics suggest that approximately 120,000 people will experience whiplash in the U.S every year, which equates to approximately 10,000 every month. Complications of whiplash can occur which then lead to further health problems. These complications include chronic localised pain, chronic headaches, spinal arthritis and additional spinal cord damage.


There are several treatments, many of which will regularly be used in conjunction with each other for maximum effectiveness. These treatments involve, but are not limited to, rest, pain relief medication, muscle relaxants, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication and the application of heat to the area.


Orthopedic Specialists


When you have been in a car accident, it is absolutely vital to seek out an orthopedic doctor who has experience dealing with spinal and neck injuries suffered in automobile accidents.


The long term effects of a car accident are numerous; any untreated damage to the spine can make sitting for long periods difficult, as well as causing permanent nerve damage. On top of this, the forming of blood clots is quite common in patients who have auto injuries.


Though these injuries take time to heal, it is important to be seen by an auto injury doctor as soon as possible. By getting treated quickly and properly, you can prevent yourself from needing more medical treatment further down the line.


Staying Safe on the Road


It is impossible to predict when an auto accident might happen, but your safety on the roads should be your personal priority.


Seatbelt Road Safety


Always wearing your seatbelt and adhering to the speed limit are basic concepts that will help to keep you safe. However, you should also always be mindful of other drivers and leave an adequate distance between yourself and the car in front. Also, if you can see that a car is driving erratically on the road then be sure to keep your distance and, if you deem it necessary, alert the relevant authorities.


Statistics show that approximately 30 people die every day in the U.S as a result of an alcohol impaired driver. This equates to one alcohol related motor vehicle death every 51 minutes. Reporting someone that you believe to be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol could not only save their life, but also the live of other drivers on the road.


Onto Orthopedics


Onto Orthopedics are a Dallas-based orthopedic practice, located in west Plano. Offering the best auto injury doctors in the area, Onto Orthopedics are experts in treating automobile injuries. If you have found yourself to be the victim of a car crash, then get in touch today to start along the road to recovery.