The summer months are finally upon us and for many people that means getting out and being more active than they usually would be! This is great for your health, and is also a great excuse to discover new hobbies and try new things.

During the summer months our appetites can often change and we are more prone to seeking lighter foods due to the higher temperatures. This is great for our health and can be enhanced by seeking out fresh produce, such as fruits and vegetables. This can encourage us to try new foods, and will increase the amounts and types of nutrients that we fuel ourselves with.


The following are great ways that we can boost our physical and mental health as the summer months roll on, and hopefully you will be encouraged to continue with these habits as the colder months return.


Spirulina Supplements

There is much evidence to suggest that with a healthy and varied diet, there is no need to take vitamin and mineral supplements. The exception to this is vitamin D if you live in a climate where you perhaps do not get an ample amount of sunlight during the day. However, adding spirulina into your diet in a supplemental way can enhance your health and also support your body in the detoxing of heavy metals.


Heavy metals, such as aluminium and mercury, can build up in the body over time because of exposure to them in various forms. The toxicity of these metals can not only affect your mental health, but also the function of your vital organs. They can also be damaging to your energy levels.

Spirulina binds to these toxins in the body and can therefore help to flush it out of the system.


Raw Foods

Including raw fruits and vegetables in your diet every day can do wonders for your body and mind.


Cooking food can damage the naturally present nutrients within those foods, and eating them in their raw form means you are enjoying more of these nutrients.


It is possible to embrace an entirely raw food diet, but this isn’t necessary to enjoy the health benefits of raw foods. You can simply try increasing the amount of uncooked fruits and vegetables that you eat, and then find ways to increase the amounts of these foods slowly. This is something that is especially great to do in summer because of the types of seasonal produce available.

Advocates of eating raw foods believe that doing so can lead to increased energy levels, younger looking skin, weight loss and better digestion. It has also been suggested that doing so can help to protect against diseases, such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.



During the summer months we usually see an increase in the amount of sunshine that we enjoy, and that can quickly help to create a more positive mindset! With positivity comes happiness, and with happiness we are more inclined to take care of ourselves and work towards a healthier lifestyle.


Finding ways to grab this positivity, hold onto it and enhance it, will not only make the summer months healthier, but can also create ongoing positivity for the following seasons too.


Find out what makes you happy and be sure to do it often. It can also be beneficial to seek out new experiences that have the potential to make you happy, and to step outside of your comfort zone to try new things.

Your Summer Wardrobe

With the end of spring and the beginning of summer comes a great excuse to stock your wardrobe with new seasonal clothing. And, what better way to embrace healthy living than to choose new sportswear to get active in!


If you are out and about walking a lot, then a pair of hiking boots will be essential if you are to keep your feet happy. The same is true if you are taking up running this summer, and investing in a serious pair of running shoes is something you’ll likely thank yourself for later!


There is an endless variety of gym apparel available today, which can also of course be worn for exercising outside of the gym too. You should always prioritise comfort over style when it comes to your workout gear. Lightweight, breathable fabrics are best for exercising indoors, and fabrics that will keep you warm whilst still being breathable are best for the outdoors, especially if the weather isn’t quite conducive to outdoor exercise just yet! 


Document Your Progress

Getting healthier in the summer months can be a lot of fun, and you can invite your friends and family to get involved with you! If it helps, then keep a track of your progress, and perhaps journal about the achievements you have made and the new things you have tried. This in itself can be a great way to motivate yourself to continue, and it can also be fun to read back about the amazing summer that you had!