Many people who are into fitness tend to spend large amounts of time at the gym. This undoubtedly yields great results for a lot of people, but it can be quite time consuming – as well as expensive! If you don’t have the time or the money to be getting in the gym as often as you would like, then there are plenty of alternatives that are just as great for your health and fitness.




Going for a run is one of the most obvious choices for getting fit outdoors. This is an activity that can be enjoyed regardless of your current fitness level. If you feel like you are currently unable to run, then begin with a fast paced walk and build up to a jog. Take regular walking breaks between the jogging, and you will soon build your stamina up!


Going for a run can take as long as you want, so if you only have a spare half an hour to exercise then you can be out of your front door in a few minutes and make the route up as you go along. Running doesn’t require any specialist equipment beyond a decent pair of trainers and is a fantastic cardiovascular workout.


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Staying safe whilst you are out running is something you should be careful to pay attention to. Make sure that your footwear is suitale for the terrain and for the weather, and that you are wearing visible clothing if you are going to be outside when it is dark.


In the winter months you might not be quite so keen on this activity, but once you get out of the front door and start running, you will soon get warm and then realise that the season doesn’t matter!


Body Weight Exercises


Using your own body weight to improve your muscles is another great workout possibility that can happen at home.

This can be in the form of push ups, pull ups, squats, or a wide range of other movements. The idea is that you don’t buy any equipment at all and can use the resistance of your own body to build your strength. This is perfect for those who want results but have a busy schedule. This is because you can partake in a short session at literally any point throughout the day, wherever you are! Even the first or last ten minutes of your lunch hour can be spent in this way as you gradually build your muscles.


When you are using your own body weight as a way to enhance your fitness, it is important that your form is correct. If you begin exercising in a way that can be damaging to your body over time, then you are going to be achieving exactly the opposite of what you are setting out to do! If you don’t have an experienced person who can show you how to do these exercises properly, then you can look online to discover the appropriate technique. 


If you do wish to buy some equipment to use in your body weight exercises then you can get yourself a set of dumbbells and incorporate them into your exercises. You can also use household items to add weight to your workout, such as cans or bottles!


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Team Sports


Team sports are a great alternative to the gym and the added bonus is that you get to socialise while you exercise. This means your body is getting a boost as well as your mind as you enjoy your time with your friends.


Football, rugby and baseball are all good options, but there are also many more interesting choices, such as Extreme Frisbee and Quidditch!


Getting involved in any team sport is also a great way to stick to your new exercise regime as you will be encouraged to continue participating by your peers. It’s much harder to talk yourself out of your exercise session when you know other people are counting on you to show up!


Personal Training


You don’t ever have to step foot inside a conventional gym in order to work with a personal trainer. you can work out together in practically any location — be that indoors or outdoors. Although a service of this type can be expensive, it is a good choice if you want to invest a little more into your fitness goals. 


A personal trainer will be able to initially evaluate your fitness levels and give you a general sense of your overall health. This is great when you are embarking upon a new fitness regime as you will have something to measure your progress against. 


Your chosen trainer will be able to create a tailored fitness plan for you that doesn’t have to involve any gym equipment. In this instance they might combine outdoor cardio, body weight exercises and also the use of portable equipment, such as free weights. 


The skills that you learn from a personal trainer can push you to become more adventurous with your fitness and exercise. They may be able to introduce you to fun new things that you decide to make a regular part of your routine. 


Stress-Free Fitness


So if you don’t have the time or the resources to go to the gym then don’t stress!


Choose from one or more of these great ways to exercise anyway or come up with your own. The type of exercise that you choose to make a regular part of your life should be enjoyable if you are to motivate yourself to stick at it.


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Finally, don’t be shy to try new things, such as group exercise classes or an activity you have always wanted to have a go at. You might just discover an entirely new passion!