A common problem when it comes to being consistent with fitness efforts is finding ways to keep up your routine when you are away from home! Not only can time spent travelling put a dent in your fitness routine, but this can also then make it harder for you to get back to it when your schedule resumes as normal. So, how can you overcome this problem and stay on track?

There are many reasons why you may travel away from home. Maybe you frequently have to go on work trips, or you like to go on holiday often. Perhaps your friends and family live far away and you enjoy visiting them regularly. Whatever the reason for your time away from home, it can disrupt your exercise efforts.

Whether you are travelling for business or for leisure, any trip can become stressful and draining on your energy. This is where exercise can help to maintain your mental health and keep your stress levels down. When your stress levels are lower then you are likely to enjoy your trips away from home much more!

Portable exercise equipment is an amazing solution to this problem, and can help you to keep to fit even when your schedule varies from the norm.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is probably something that you are familiar with from your school days, but this is a simple piece of portable exercise equipment that can support your fitness as an adult!

Jumping rope is something that requires a surprising amount of agility and strength – not to mention balance!

The great thing about jump rope, besides how good it is for your health, is that it is super small and therefore super portable. Regardless of how light you are packing, there will almost always be space for you to take your jump rope with you.

What’s more, is that this piece of portable exercise equipment can also be widely found at a very low cost. It is more than likely that you already have one in your home already.

TRX Suspension Trainer

This inventive piece of kit is considered to be a bit more high-tech than a jump rope, but similarly will not take up much space in your suitcase!

Purchasing a TRX Suspension Trainer will set you back round $100, depending on where you buy it from. However the high price is certainly justified by the fact you can use it practically anywhere to get a full body workout.

You can literally choose from hundreds of different exercises the involve using your own bodyweight to create the necessary resistance.  

Resistance Bands

A resistance band is a relatively small piece of equipment that you can take with you anywhere. It provides the opportunity to have a comprehensive workout regardless of the environment that you are in.  

They are generally low in price and should last a very long time when used correctly. You can also buy mini resistance bands to give yourself a wider range of exercises to choose from.  

Inflatable Exercise Balls

An inflatable exercise ball is an amazing way to make your own mini-gym wherever you happen to be travelling to!


Although a pedometer isn’t actually a piece of exercise equipment in itself, it can help to keep you accountable for the amount of movement you engage in during each day.

A pedometer will count your steps in order to let you know how many you make each day. This can be helpful as you can set yourself targets that you can commit to sticking to. When you are away from home, and the day is coming to an end, you can check your steps for the day to decide if you should undertake further physical activity before you go to bed.

Similarly to using a pedometer, you may also opt for a different kind of fitness tracker. There are so many on the market, and each offers you the additional opportunity to take greater control over your health and fitness.

Getting Motivated 

When you are away from home, even if you have all of the right equipment, it can still be difficult to motivate yourself to get started.

Creating motivating playlists for yourself can help to overcome this issue. Put together lists of your favourite up-beat tracks, and have them to hand on a portable device whenever you travel.

Enjoy Your Travels

Although it is a great idea to find ways to include exercise in your schedule when you are travelling, it is also important that you enjoy your time away from home. Getting away can be a fantastic thing to do to refresh your mind and give your happiness a boost. So focus on what you are doing and allow yourself the time to relax!

You may find that when you place too many expectations upon yourself in regards to being strict with your exercise regime, that you may actually discourage yourself. So take it easy, remember to have fun, and just do your best!