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CrossFit is a relatively new form of exercise that has taken the fitness world by storm. It is described as using “functional movements that are constantly varied at high intensity”. It is specifically designed to improve your core strength and condition your entire body.

What is CrossFit For?


CrossFit is known to help with a wide range of fitness-related things, such as stamina, flexibility, speed, coordination, agility, accuracy and balance. Working to improve all of these aspects of your personal fitness will add up to great things for your general health. Not only will you be able to participate in team sports at higher intensity, but you will also feel the benefits in your day to day activities. Your energy levels are likely to soar alongside your concentration and focus.


Instead of being useful for overcoming a particular physical task, CrossFit aims to improve performance of all physical challenges. This type of exercise has actually been used by the military and the police during their training. This is because it allows a person to improve their performance quickly in a safe way, which is pivotal to the physical development of people within these job roles!


Who Can Do CrossFit?


Absolutely anyone who wants to try it can get involved as CrossFit is an inclusive activity that can be tailored to a persons’ abilities. Used in conjunction with a healthy eating regime, it can be an incredibly powerful tool for optimum health. When you are embarking upon any type of exercise regime, then paying close attention to your diet is always a fantastic idea. 


If you do not enjoy going to the gym, then taking up CrossFit instead could be the solution for you! Instead of depending on workout machines and repetetive cardio sessions, you will work with both compound movements and high intensity cardio sessions for short periods of time.


Fitness Results


Experts believe that this is a dramatically improved way to get better results from the time you spend exercising. High intensity interval training has gained a lot more exposure and recognition as an effective way to lose weight in recent years. The scientific proof behind this is irrefutable and shows that exercising in this way will not only cause body fat to drop, but also muscle mass to increase.



CrossFit sessions almost always happen in groups and this team mentality is a great way to motivate yourself to train consistently. A low client to trainer ratio is important for the success of this program and ensures that no one falls behind. Being encouraged in this way by the team dynamic is essential to successful fitness for many people.


Sessions usually take one hour and take place several times a week – so being able to commit your time is important if you want the best results! This is not an exercise programme for someone who prefers to dip in and out of a workout plan, but is something that can be incorporated into an active lifestyle. 


Praise From Experts


Fitness experts have been quick to praise this kind of exercise. Dr Michael Smith, who frequently contributes to, states, “If you’re looking for a challenging workout to take your fitness and body to the next level, CrossFit will do just that. It’s a very well-rounded program, providing vigorous aerobic exercise along with muscle strengthening and even flexibility. But it’s also very intense, so it’s not for everyone”.


Dr Smith also suggests that if you are a beginner to exercise then you should start with something easier and then work your way up to being able to participate in a CrossFit class. If you are not used to regular physical activity then you could actually do your body more harm than good.


Becoming a Trainer


In order to be a CrossFit trainer, of which there are more than 13,000 around the globe, you must first become certified. This is a good way to know that the person who is in charge of guiding you on your exercise journey is completely aware of what they are doing.


Group Exercise Fitness



So, always check with a potential trainer that they are certified before you join their exercise class. You should also look for reviews online in order to seek out the best trainer in your area. Alternatively, if you have fitness fanatic friends or relatives, then you can ask them for suggestions. You may even find that they invite you along to join a class that they already attend.


The Exercise For You


If you have tried and failed with other exercise regimes before then CrossFit might be a great choice for you. With regular sessions you will be able to achieve your fitness aims in a group environment that is also a great space to make new friends!


When you engage in regular high-intensity activity, it is not just your physical health that benefits, but your mental health too. It is a widely accepted fact that exercise is a useful way to combat depression, anxiety and stress.


For many people, exercise is a part of their daily routine for these reasons and the results speak for themselves. With the intensity that CrossFit involves, and the health benefits that it delivers, it is a particularly good choice for both physical and mental health.



Far from being just another exercise fad, it seems this one is here to stay!