Excess calories from food and drink can be one of the biggest obstacles in a weight loss mission. Some people assume that just because they are exercising regularly, that they can eat whatever they want and still reach their fitness goals. This is sadly not the case for the majority of people and  a fairly strict diet will usually have to be adhered to if you have ambitious body aims. Losing weight has to be a combination of a healthy diet and frequent physical activity. One without the other will be a slow and often unsuccessful process.

Negative Calorie Foods

If you have heard of negative calorie foods before then you will know how they can be included in your diet to aid weight loss. If you haven’t heard of them then let us take a quick look at the definition. Essentially a negative calorie food is promoted as a food that you will burn more calories consuming then the food will provide. Although this is questionable logic and most likely untrue, the foods that are put into this category are especially low fat and could help you to lose weight. These foods are generally made up of a lot of water and usually plant-based.

So which foods with the negative calorie label are best to include?


First of all, celery! Celery is 75% water and 25% fibre and other roughage. This means that eating it can help you to feel full without packing in the calories. Celery is great as a snack with hummus or on its own.


Celery Weight Loss


It is also great for dipping in soup as an alternative to bread. It is full of vitamins A, C and K, as well as several other all-important nutrients. It has also been suggested that eating celery regularly can keep your skin looking fresh.


Watermelon is another food that is bunched into the negative calorie food group. It is both delicious and low calorie, and a fairly popular choice of fruit in hot climates. Nutritionists state that it is virtually free from fat whilst also potentially being able to give your metabolic rate a boost – which is also useful for weight loss! Watermelon is also known to be a source of lycopene which can help to protect the body against cancers.


Finally, apples are a perfect choice if you want a low calorie snack that is also full of flavour. There are many different varieties of apple, several of which have quite a sweet taste.


apples healthy food


Additionally, studies into how apples can reduce the incidence of breast cancer have yielded positive results with a suggested 17% risk decrease.

Nutrition Consultation

If you are trying to lose weight then it may be beneficial to consult a nutritionist in order to find the diet that will work best for you. Also, evaluate your diet to see which foods are high in calories or high in fat. You can then work to eradicate those from your diet and replace them with low-calorie substitutes.


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