Finding different ways to get fit and challenge your body is essential if you are to maintain your physical health. Going to the gym regularly is a fantastic way to do this, but you may find that you soon get stuck in the same old routine.

When your gym routine gets boring, and your body gets used to the movements, then you are likely to notice your progress slow down — or even come to a complete standstill.

This is when circuit training can become your secret weapon!

What Is Circuit Training?

This type of training involves rotating through a series of exercises without taking a break (or much of a break!) between the exercises like you usually would when you are exercising. These actions are typically performed in a cycle, with the cycle also being repeated once you reach the end.

The exercises involved with a circuit training session would usually include a variety of bodyweight movements, free weight exercises, and also cardiovascular activities.

Suitable Equipment

When you are engaging in this type of training at home then you do not need a huge amount of specialist equipment. On the other hand, if you are training in the gym then you will already have a wide range of equipment available to you.


gym equipment circtuit training

If you are shopping for exercise equiment to use at home then you may wish to opt for some weights, such as dumbbells or a barbell, a kettlebell, a skipping rope, and an exercise ball. Any of these items will be a fantastic way to bring some variety to your session.

It is also possible to do an entire circuits session using just your own bodyweight — check out these great bodyweight exercises!

The Benefits of Circuit Training

One of the most interesting benefits of circuit training is that you can always adapt the session to meet and support your very specific goals. This means that if you are training for strength, then you can incorporate mostly strength building exercises. Similalry if you are trying to enhance your endurance, then the session can be tailored to meet this need.

Another great benefit of circuit training is that it does not require much space or equipment. If you are doing this type of training at home then you can use whatever you have available to you to create the session. If you do not have much space, then all of the exercises can be performed in the same place. This type of training is incredibly adaptable, so there’s no reason that you can’t give it a go!


group circuit training class

This type of training can also double up as a great social activity, as you can do this with another person — or even in a group! You will likely find that your local gym runs a circuit training class that you can go along to and train with other people.

Progressing With Your Training

As you get into the swing of this kind of training, you can then easily make changes in order to continue progressing. You can add more exercises into the cycle, increase the weights that you are using, and increase the length of time for whice you do each movement.

As you do progress with your training, you will likely notice that your cardiovascular fitness improves, alongside your stregth, stamina, and overall energy levels.

Good Exercises To Include

When you are first getting started with circuit training it is a good idea to include exercises that you are already familiar with. This helps to prevent any overwhelm and confusion as you don’t have to get to grips with new exercises. It is also a good idea to include a lot of bodyweight exercises at first so that you can get your body used to this level of physical activity.


trx exercise training

Once you are really ready to evolve your training, then adding in some simple weight movements will help you to move forwards. If you have the space in your home (or the right equipment in your gym) then you may also find TRX suspension training to be an essential part of your circuit sessions!

Getting Started

As with any other type of training, it is important that you warm up properly before each session, and that you take the time to stretch afterwards. Reducing your potential for injury should always be a top priority when you are doing any kind of exercise.


Optimum Fitness


Remember, sticking to just a few exercises will prevent you from experiencing optimum fitness. Vary your exercise routine and always be on the look out for new techniques and exercises that you can try!

As your fitness improves with regular practice you will not only feel the benefits to your physical health but your mental health can also benefit and improve!