The sporting world is absolutely not for everyone, and some people simply do not enjoy this type of physical activity. However, there is so much to be gained — both for your physical health and mental health — by getting active in this way!

There are so many different sports to choose from and a number of different ways to enjoy them. Participating in sports does not necessarily have to be a competetive experience, and you might find that you enjoy sports much more once you take this aspect out of it.

Benefits Of Doing Sports

When you start to make one or more sports a regular feature in your life then you will be boosting your health and fitness in multiple ways.

First of all, you will be helping to enhace your cardiovascular fitness. When you improve your cardiovascular fitness then you are also going to be building up your energy and stamina levels, helping to control your blood pressure, improving your blood lipid profile, and also burning extra calories, which can help with weight management.

As your cardiovascular fitness continues to improve you will be taking strides to protect the health of your heart. This can help to keep certain health conditions at bay and keep you fit and healthy into your senior years.


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Secondly, moving your body more will inevitably make you stronger and more flexible. This is because your body has to adapt to the new movements that are required of it and utilise your muscles. when your body reacts in this way to exercise then you will also be protecting your body during your day to day activities. You will generally find that you are at a decreased risk of injury from accidents because your body is better equipped to protect itself. For example, you may become less likely to trip and fall as you build your sense of balance through sports,

Avoiding Injury

Protecting your body against injury is an important thing to consider when you are taking part in sports. This is especially important if you are relatively new to physical exercise, or if you are trying a new sport that you haven’t any experience of.

Warming up properly before you get started and taking the time to cool down afterwards will help to keep your muscles and the rest of your body safe.

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How Often

Partaking in exercise three – five times a week for upwards of 30 minutes each time is a good aim. This is enough time to get your heart rate up, move your body an adequate amount, and also have fun while you’re at it!


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If you find certain sports that you truly enjoy then you are much more likely to do them often. This might seem difficult at first but try to experiment with new and different things, and always push yourself outside of your comfort zone. There may be some things that you don’t think you would ever enjoy, but you might find that you fall in love with them after giving it a go!

You may be someone who finds it easier to stick to your plans if you have someone to hold you accountable, so ask around your family and friends to see if anyone would like to try something new with you!

Getting Started

Choosing one new activity at a time and trying it out several times before making a decision about it is a good way to get started. Sometimes it takes us a while to truly enjoy a new activity and you may not like it until you understand all the rules and have tried it a few times. So if you don’t take pleasure in something immediately then don’t immediately move into the next thing!

It’s also important that you don’t try too many new things at once as you can overwhelm yourself and not enjoy any of them! Add one new thing into your routine at a time and then if it is going to stay, decide how often and when you are going to do this activity. You may find you love it so much that you want to do this thing several times a week, and if so then that’s great! But try to leave time for the existing things that you like, and also make time to continue trying new things!

Staying Healthy

Playing sports is an amazing way to keep your body healthy and to have fun. Doing so can also be very helpful for weight loss and for improving the health of your bones. However, as we mentioned before, doing so can put you at an increased risk of injury whilst you are engaging in an activity.


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