The majority of us are aware of the fact that in order to preserve our health we need to eat well and exercise regularly. Many of us even take this advice very seriously and try to work these two things into our daily lives! However, no matter how good our intentions are, sometimes we all need a boost of encouragement and inspiration to keep us on the right track.

Fall in Love with Exercise Again


One of the best ways to fall in love with exercise all over again is to simply try something new! If you are usually a gym freak then try a team sport; if you usually start your mornings with yoga then try going for a swim instead.


No matter how much we love a particular activity, doing it often can become tedious and chore-like. This sucks all of the fun out of an activity and can deter you from doing it as frequently as you used to, or even at all! If you can discover a range of different sports and exercises that you enjoy then you can mix things up during the week to keep things fresh! This way you will be much more likely to look forward to each session and make the most of it!


Get Together with Friends


Another way to make exercise fun again is to get a friend or a group of friends involved. Running is much more enjoyable when you have a friend to go with and you might find that your competitive nature helps to push you out of your comfort zone. Friends will also encourage you to stick to your schedule on the days when you really do not feel like exercising. Running is not the only sport that this is applicable to and practically every activity on the planet can be made more fun by including your friends.


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If you do not know anyone that will exercise with you, then getting social online can be a great way to find someone. These days there are Facebook pages and groups for practically everything. Seek out a selection of local team sports groups from your local area and find them on Facebook. Connecting with people in this way is generally quite easy and you could soon find yourself invited along to an exercise meet-up or group sport activity.


Take a Trip


Having a change of scenery is great for rediscovering your love of almost anything. If you haven’t been on an adventure lately then taking a trip can help you to enjoy exercise again. If you are a runner then book a city break or a weekend away in the countryside. Either of these options will give you an exciting new landscape to explore with your running shoes on. When you are running alongside a beautiful river in a foreign country, or jogging through previously unexplored city streets, you will quickly find the joy again in what you are doing.


Reward Yourself


Rewarding yourself for completing a workout session is a very good way to get yourself through it when you feel like you would rather stay in bed. Rewards can, of course, take many forms and will be unique to you.


Food reward healthy eating


If you love to shop then you can reward yourself by splashing out at the end of a week of successful workouts, or if you are a foodie then give yourself that treat that you’ve been denying yourself. This doesn’t need to break the bank or sabotage your diet efforts. It is simply a gesture to yourself for sticking to your plans and moving towards your goals. This reward scheme can be as big or as small as you like. It could be a very modest reward after a day or week of staying on track, or something bigger at the end of the month or year.


Reconnect to your Reasons


Finally, it always pays to remember why you exercise in the first place. Did you start because you wanted a better body or improved health? Did you have big ambitions to compete professionally or did you simply want to have fun and get fit at the same time?


Whatever your reason was, try to go back to the point when you decided upon it and evaluate how far you have come since that moment. Assess your physical health and your physical appearance. Make a mental note of the things you are proud of achieving and set yourself a list of targets that you still want to strive towards.


Setting fresh goals in terms of your exercise not only helps to keep you on track but also reminds you why you are doing it. Try to reignite your passion for the sports and exercises you love. When you do so you will be naturally motivating yourself to work hard through the slump and strive towards the goals you previously set for yourself. Your body and your mind will soon reflect your efforts!