When we think of getting fit and healthy through exercise the first images that tend to come to mind are sweaty bodies in a gym or some kind of team sport. However, these are just two of a large number of ways to get fit and they are by no means the best! One of the keys to optimum health and fitness is to combine different types of exercise. This is not only to target different parts of the body and encourage each muscle group to stay engaged, but also to keep things fun and interesting!


If you are trying to get fit, stay fit or simply increase the amount of exercise that you are participating in, then the following activities could be exactly what you are looking for! You can try them all, you can opt for just one, or perhaps you even have your own creative ideas as to how to get fit. The key is to stay motivated and be willing to give things a go! 

Go Exploring

Walking is such a great way to get active and can actually really help you to burn the calories! Just how many calories you burn will generally depend on your body weight. For example, if you weigh 180 pounds then you can expect to burn 100 calories during an average hour of walking, with a 120 pound person burning approximately 65 calories an hour.


This does not have to mean walking around aimlessly! Try going on a tour of your local area or a nearby town. You may even find that you can sign up for a city tour and go as a group. Hiking is also a good way to incorporate walking and there are countless places to explore on a day hike or even for a longer period. Another great way to get out and about is to invite a friend to go for a catch-up and a walk instead of sitting down for your usual coffee dates. 


If you are going to start walking often then make sure you have a supportive pair of shoes and appropriate clothing for the weather. Getting outside in the sunshine can also be great for your mental health and happiness and hopefully you will soon notice your health and well-being improve all round. 

Get Online

Signing up to various online discount schemes, such as Groupon, and discovering a great range of low-price activities that you can get involved in is perfect for getting active. This could range from rock climbing to sailing or perhaps a boot camp package! You might also be lucky enough to come across an adventure day, which would include a variety of both indoor and outdoor activities!

When these activities are offered to you at a lower than usual price, it is an amazing incentive to try them, even if you have no experience or knowledge of them whatsoever! The low price also means it is much easier to invite a friend along and make a day of it!


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Stay at Home

If you do not want to go to the gym and your house could do with a clean then why not kill two birds with one stone? Household chores and gardening can actually be great exercise. Setting an hour aside to scrub, sweep and vacuum will equate to an hour spent on your feet doing mild to moderate levels of activity! Get your favourite high tempo music on in the background or on your headphones to help you keep your motivation. While you are cleaning try to keep your focus on how your home will soon be sparkling.


Similarly, digging in the garden, trimming the hedges and cutting the lawn can also really get you breaking a sweat. Aim to do your home and garden once a week for a beneficial burst of activity that doesn’t feel like exercising at all! You can also mix things up by throwing in a few jumping jacks or sit-ups between tasks!

Go Dancing

Dancing is an amazing way to exercise and it will also leave you feeling great! If you are not especially keen on going out to a club or bar to dance then you can attend a dance lesson instead. There are so many types of different dance styles that it is inevitable there will be one that you love. From swing dance to samba and ballroom to ballet, the only way to know which one is for you is to get out and try! If you really do not enjoy being out in a group environment then putting on your favourite music and dancing the night away at home will still be great for burning calories and staying active!




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