Is Coffee Good For You?

Some people will like to tell you that drinking coffee, especially drinking too much coffee, is bad for your health. Throughout the last few years there have been various pieces of research to support this claim. However, there is also plentiful evidence to suggest that regularly drinking coffee is good for you and with this article I am going to explain why!

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Could a Dog Boost Your Health?

Finding the motivation to get out and exercise is not always as easy as it sounds. You may often find that you are short on time, or you may not want to embrace the elements during the colder seasons. Also, you may just not enjoy physical activity very much! Whatever your reasons for avoiding exercise, it is important that you find activities that you do enjoy if you are going to maintain your good health.
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Should We Be Eating Chocolate?

We are often told that eating chocolate is good for your mood and will help to give you a boost of happiness during a long day. But what is the science behind this claim and is it something that we should all actually be doing?


Furthermore, are there additional health benefits to be gained from eating chocolate beyond improving your mood? There is much conflicting advice on whether we should be eating chocolate regularly, with several well-respected nutritionists on either side of the fence. Keep reading for a breakdown of this information that should help you to make your own mind up!


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