Hooping for Health and Happiness

Hula hooping may have been an activity that you took part in as a child simply for fun, but did you know that there are actually many great health benefits of hooping? As an adult, it is an exciting way to keep fit that is likely different from the other types of exercise that you are engaging in. As an added bonus, through a variety of techniques you can target many different parts of the body for a comprehensive workout!


If the gym isn't your favourite place to exercise, or you are simply wanting to try something new, then getting yourself a hula hoop could be a fantastic move for your health and your happiness!
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Conventional Cancer Treatments

Cancer can be a difficult condition to manage, especially if it is not diagnosed early. If this is an illness that you develop at any stage in your life, then it can be very helpful to be aware of the treatment options available to you.
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Herbs for Health

Herbs are not only a great way to add flavour to meals, but can also boost the nutritional profile of a recipe! There is a large variety of herbs widely available, but it is also easy to grow your own for a constant, low-cost supply!

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