Eating For Better Eyesight

If you are wondering how to best take care of the health of your eyes, then you might be surprised to learn that this is something that can begin on your plate!

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Eating Well for Optimum Health

Eating well is one of the simplest things that you can do to preserve and enhance your health. Choosing healthy foods that are bursting with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients is a great way to give your body the support it needs to function well. Foods that are high in calories, saturated fat and simple carbohydrates may be tasty, inexpensive and easy to shop for, but in the long-run they are not going to be serving your body well!
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How to Stay Healthy with a Desk Job

It has frequently been said that sitting down is the smoking of our generation. Long periods of inactivity can be extremely bad for our health and working to avoid falling into this routine is essential if we are to keep ourselves as healthy as we can! 
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Are You Living With Foot Pain?

If you are experiencing pain in one or both of your feet then you are certainly not alone! This common problem can occur for a wide range of reasons and an early diagnosis can really help the healing process.
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Aerobic Exercise and Obesity

A new study into whether or not the negative health effects of obesity can be offset by aerobic fitness has found that this is most likely not the case. Experts have previously suggested that if a person is overweight they can improve their health by engaging in regular aerobic activities, even if these activities do not lead to weight loss. However, fresh data has disputed this idea and has found that people in this category will not enjoy improved health by doing so. The study therefore suggests that maintaining a healthy weight is the best way to promote optimum health and longevity. 


Health Risks

Obese people are at a much greater risk of a variety of serious health conditions. These conditions include heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke. When we consider that over a third of adults in America are obese, it is easy to see the public health problems that the country is facing.


Causes of Obesity


Far from simply being a dietary problem, the incidence of obesity in America is also attributed to a lack of physical activity. Many people lead sedentary lifestyles, which are effectively leading to adverse health conditions.


Sedentary Lifestyle



Exercising regularly not only burns calories at the time, but those who exercise also burn more calories generally throughout the day than those who don’t exercise.


Studies into Obesity


In the past, studies have been conducted to determine whether a person can be overweight but physically healthy. These studies have suggested that if an overweight person exercises regularly then they will be at a lower risk of the health problems associated with obesity.


However, this theory is now being labelled as misleading and experts are advising obese people that they will have to lose the weight if the do not want to suffer the ill effects. Additionally, the mortality rate among men of a normal weight is much lower than obese men - irrespective of their level of aerobic fitness.


Aerobic Exercise and Obesity


Obesity in America is a huge problem and initiatives to combat this problem have been launched across the country. With over 78.6 million adults being of an increased weight, the cost of this to the country is estimated to be over $140 million a year.


Swimming Aerobic Exercise Obesity

Through education of nutrition and exercise it is hoped that the next generation will not succumb to the behaviours that are currently leading to rising obesity rates. Being of a normal weight with an adequate level of aerobic fitness is advisable for everyone in the battle to keep weight-related health problems to a minimum.






Carpal Tunnel: What is it and How to Treat it

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects a large number of people around the world. More common in those with jobs that involve repetitive motions, such as typing, this problem can be irritating and painful to deal with. Carpal tunnel syndrome causes feelings of tingling in the fingers, with numbness and potentially pain in the hands and fingers. These feelings develop over time, and feel particularly strong at night. Normally, the numbness or the pain is felt the most strongly in the thumb, index finger and middle finger. Sufferers can also experience pins and needles and a weakness in finger and thumb strength.
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