Eating for the Nervous System

Eating for the Nervous System Onto Orthopedics


When we talk about healthy eating, we are often referring to how well we can eat for our physical health and energy levels. However, it is important that we also consider other aspects of our health as a whole.
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Exercise and the Nervous System

The nervous system is responsible for transmitting signals between different parts of the body, and is made up of nerves and cells. Today we are going to take a look at how the nervous system is constructed, and find out how exercise can help to improve the function of this system!

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Calcium on a Plant-Based Diet

When you are attempting to decrease the amount of animal products in your diet, or eradicate them entirely, you will often hear that it is difficult to consume all of the necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. However, the simple truth is that with a few dietary adjustments it is fairly easy to keep your body and mind healthy! This fact is certainly applicable when it comes to calcium.
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