healthy eating immune system

Protecting Your Immune System

Keeping your immune system functioning at its best is something you may be more concerned with recently! With the additional threat to health posed by the current global health crisis, your health may be something you are now looking to take greater control of.

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body hygiene pandemic safety

Hygiene For Disease Prevention

As the whole world begins to adjust to a new sense of normal amid the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of good personal hygiene has never been more apparent.

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Oral Health and Arthritis

There has been some speculation over the last few years as to whether poor oral hygiene could be a contributing factor to the onset of arthritis. In particular, the incidence of gum disease and the correlation with the incidence of arthritis. This is a link that has been studied by scientists. One of the primary aims of doing so is to determine if the potential exists to work to help prevent the onset of arthritis through more stringent oral health. 
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